fogt rocks!

summer or winter, mandible claw gets it done. alex fogt, front rocks.

high five, bro

i'm heading back to NYC tomorrow morning--if i can find a way to get to wilmington to catch the bus, that is.  but even without the use of fogt's car, we ended up getting a lot of good stuff this weekend.  video out soon.

expatriate propaganda


i headed down to delaware today for the weekend.  as soon as fogt picked me up from the bus stop in wilmington, a swarm of thousands of bats flew right over the car--a good omen.  within a few hours, fogt got a couple bangers on film....but then he lost all of his keys.  tomorrow--maybe philly, who knows.  see you there.

mandible claw keeps it classy

billy rohan flips one in style.

dog attack!!

this spot is right next to a dog park.  during damien's line, a pug broke out and chased him and nipped at his heels.  the best part is, damien landed the line anyway.  afterward, the dog's owner told us the dog's name was Ollie.  whoaaaa duuuuude....

30 and snowing

our run of blessed 60-degree days has run out.  back to the bat-cave.

the other day, after filming a line that culminated in an ollie onto a raised bank, damien said that we seem to NY skating is full of these.  and it's true.  in this part that was only uploaded last month--huf and friends in TWS's interface--quim cardona and huf have a few awesome lines at the same sort of spot.

the kujawski bros

today was a good day for the brothers kujowski.  they got 2 back to back bros lines--if i had a brother, this would be something i'd long for.  (coincidentally, i had a twin in the womb, but i killed him and absorbed his power.  i came out and my parents were like, So... where's the other one?)  kurt got a techy lipslide he's been after for a while during the second bro-run.

ben's 2 noseslides below this are both lands.  stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


a new mandi-claw video for all you lovers out there.  some leftover skateboarding from the full winter video.  billy rohan, brett land, damien brockett, tommy saint germain, ben kujawski, and nic nootens, and colin read.  wolf gang!

st. vincent

it was 60 degrees today!  we meant to hit up this hospital's brick bank just as the first spot, but ended up staying all day.  billy, tommy, and damien got some good stuff.  

to round things out, here's a wu-tang origami video that billy made.


damien's got them ups.

Fuck Steve Harvey!

Shit's ill.


well, the thrasher king of the road videos are just getting better and better.  but what made me like number 11 so much is that the dude who makes out with all the older women--and keeps ripping off his shirt--reminds me so much of james "the legend" spence.  he has that same essence, that vibe....right now i'm imagining the legend reclined in a leather chair, wearing a satin robe, drinking old scotch from a crystal decanter, wearing sunglasses in front of the warmly glowing fireplace...."ah, the good old days," he says, and takes another drink.  miss you, buddy.

fat kid spot

jake, nic and i skated the fat kid spot tonight, which is the spot with the round manuals pads with the flatbar stretched between them--see jason dill's part in "skate more," or jimmy's part in "good life." it's such a dirty, grimy spot that my boogers turned black.

i had been planning on trying to get down to florida for the weekend, but the flights are overbooked to all hell.  but maybe this is a good thing--it looks like florida's become even crazier while i've been away.

"A Florida inmate is in more trouble after jail deputies found out he was keeping an illegal fanny pack — in his fanny.
Neil Lansing, 33, was charged with drug possession and smuggling contraband in jail for having 30 items tucked up his anus, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported.
Using a rectum as a smuggling compartment is nothing new in Florida, but this has to set some kind of world record or at least a state jail system mark.
On top of 17 blue pills and a cigarette, Lansing was able to fit six matches, a flint, a syringe, some lip balm, an unused condom and a receipt from CVS."
read the rest here.  CLICK! 

anyway, the good news is that the NYC weather forecast is sunny with a high in the 50s! i'm going to try to wrap this video up in a week. see you soon.

upper east side

the other day, we ventured into the upper east side.  an unexpected snow flurry began, but we explored around and found some cool spots.  damien learned kickflip noseslides in two tries, then brought it to this ledge.  after the land, we got to bomb a great hill.

today i met up with my friend romke and pushed around downtown and the lower west side, ran from cops with a bunch of teenagers, and played a long game of pick-up soccer.  the temperature's up to the high thirties, and a good deal of the snow has melted.  new york is becoming good again.

casey rigney

no more fridays

today was a long and trying day.  but before any of the bad stuff, we got some skating in, and brett got a trick he's been after for three years.


tune into this video that goes along with speedball, matt town's upcoming zine. dante, carlos, chuey, matt, koki, fogt, and many more.

18 degrees

it was cold and windy but we made it happen today.  randomly, billy rode by where we were skating on a bike, and hilarity ensued.  footage of it coming tomorrow.  but in between the chaos, damien squeezed through a tight spot to start out an awesome line.


this spot is on the side of an american eagle retailer. while we were skating it, kevin bacon walked by and smirked at us. BACON'D!

there's an important message here somewhere

i'm sure of it

midtown meltdown

after i got out of class tonight, i met up with damien and some other dudes and skated this bank spot we found until it starting raining.  we still got some clips in despite the increasingly slippery bank and griptape.

i dug this up today.  i was way ahead of the curve on all these fancy combo tricks going on nowadays.

dogtown, dogpound

tonight jake and i pushed around downtown, and i squeaked out 2 lines, one's a keeper.

...then, i went BACK out with steve mcclintock; we headed up to 96th street to check out a rumored spot, then headed midtown, then downtown....we ended up not really skating anything.  sometimes you beat the bar, sometimes the bar beats you.

jake tried to get fancy with the camera, and ended up being a creepy floating head.

dead pigeons

although we had big plans, the only thing we really skated today was this grimy, diamond-plated metal gap spot.  damien battled a trick for a while, but destroyed his board--he'll get it another day.  but damien's friend ben came out, and the homey can no-comply like a boss.  he leveled one out, straight to forward, ray barbee style, then threw in a few bonelesses for good measure.  if it's dry out sunday, see you then.

Hockern is in Skateboarding is out...

Sorry guys Mandible Claw is no longer a skateboarding blog. Hockern posts only from now on... get with it.

ya heard

now you know.  go buy these and support the homies!

tomorrow's forecast

is supposed to be sunny.  if it is, i'm going to try to get some skating in around the snowbanks.  the other day we met up with none other than razortail's brett land; he claims to have a few spots that might be good to skate this time of the season.  wallrides, bar pulls...i like where this is going.

when i watch kalis skate, i feel like i can do back noseblunts on ledges.  if you haven't watched the first of his epicly later'ds, go find it.  as he says in his later'd, "i'm about as street as it gets."

Grant Casanova

here is a good laugh i know people will siked on.

glad to see grant put down the camera and answered his true calling. being a retard