Snow Skate

Not going to let a little snow stop us from skating




snow day

yesterday, we manned up and skated into the snow.  it ended up being one of the most fun sessions in recent history.  we had intended to use the snow-skates, but we left them at home and just skated street spots that had dried out on the sidewalk.  more to come.  mandible claw's winter video coming in a week or two!


Colin thought he could skate under the BQE the day after a blizzard, I tagged along to humor him. Bump the quality up to 480 on the youtube viewer

mandible claw: the short film

a month or two back, jake, damien and i started out acting careers.  shot on 16mm and edited by james tangredi, here's a short film.  we're stoked on it, hope you like it.

our plans are laid out for tomorrow:

add this:

to this:

hopefully we get some pretty funny footage.  oh, and here's jake rupp, wrecking shit.

winter stupidity

today i got the idea in my head that i would be able to skate under the BQE.  i imagined that the snow would have stayed clear of the ground below the overpass, and although every street and sidewalk was either stacked waist-high with snow or soaking wet from melting snow, it would be fine there.  so i padded up and trudged there through the slush; jake came along because to laugh at my expense.  well, we got there, and it was full of snow and water, and packed with cars sheltered there from the weather.  i skated a 5-foot long patch of dry ground for a few minutes, which jake filmed, laughing, before going home.

on the way back to the apartment, i found a 15-foot long stretch of dry, dark, cracked sidewalk.  success!  i've been bumming on skating lately, but tonight i remembered why we all love this fucking wooden toy so much--  i skated flatground, one-push room, for more than an hour, going back and forth non-stop.

you know what bugs me?  that there are public, indoor skateparks in florida and california.  and here--jack shit.

to commemorate bobby puleo's recent uncomfortable-to-read interview, here's a glance at the good old days.

the news

so what's going on in skateboarding? nothing, so far as i know. this is what i see when i look outside.

i've been thinking of attempting the idea that billy told about gonz, where the gonz had big wheels on his front trucks to push the snow out of the way for the back wheels. or attaching a snow plow to the nose and just blasting shit.

for whatever reason, lightning and thunder are accompanying the rain, snow, and hail that have been switching off all day. the perfect storm.

so when's the video coming out, you ask? my flu cut short filming a little bit, so john's a bit tight on footage--he has 2 minutes. still not bad for 2-3 weeks of filming. i'm waiting to scrounge together some more footage of him from the homies, and we might try to film a little snow scene up here for poops and giggles. in either case, it'll be out within a few weeks (since when have i ever released anything by the deadline?)

on an unrelated note, i met jonathan safran foer, and he was a nice guy, but kept turning the conversation back around to himself. what else could you expect from a guy who wrote "eating animals."

weekendtage: the movie

 just got my copy in the mail today.  grant came through once again.
meanwhile, it's 11 degrees outside, snow is everywhere, and skateboarding is but a dream.

brandon damron on the DOT

brandon has an interview over at  here's the accompanying video.

Brandon roach [clips] from what it [dot] be on Vimeo.

so long to the holidays

tomorrow, i head back to new york.  it's been great, not long enough.  tonight i got my ass out on the street for one more session, and filmed one more line of john.  see you soon, or later.

sad to say

but i think my filming may be over for this little project of ours.  the flu blows.  though who knows?  maybe in 2 days i'll be up and at em.  but the good news is, alex olen in gainesville seems to be down keep filming a little bit, and i'll see if maybe teak or raspa can give me a little footage to fill in the gaps a little bit.

here's some stills from the final (skating) day in gainesville.  chuey, matt, jimmy.


trip's over

it was fun until i got slammed by the flu yesterday, spent all night throwing up, and retired back to stuart.  all told, we got over 3 minutes of footage in 3 days, mostly owing to thursday.

for those of you who didn't get any tricks in--erik, spence bros, etc--and those who want more in the video, you should all go out filming in the next 2 weeks and send me the clips.

on another note, brandon westgate is a fucking animal.

Social Skateboarding


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you know those days when everything seems to come together?  today was one of those days, despite the fact that we got kicked out of 2 places.  we were about 25 people strong, pushing around gainesville.  most of the core mandiblers got some tricks in; major props to johan, who's skating on a badly rolled ankle.

on another note, today was the freeride skate shop's planned demo at the possum creek park... except everyone in town was out skating with us.  so apparently it turned out to be a handful of random kids skating in front of a bunch of even younger kids and parents.  we bad.

the crew:

gainesville, day 2

so far, it's basically chuey's filming trip.  he's gotten a bunch of cool lines both days.  matt got a sick line too, and fogt and steve each got a trick.... but for the most part, you all are slacking!  dante, the spences, etc., get the fuck off your couches and come skate, i'm only here for a couple more days, and that's it for this part, and you will be sad that you didn't have any tricks in mandible claw's second video.

big buford & precious

those are the names of our pet manatees.  they hang around our dock in stuart, and we feed them and give them fresh water to drink.  they let us pet them, too.  they like water being splashed on their neck and backs, and love romaine lettuce.

at night, john and i met up and he got a sick line, quick snaps.

gainesville on tuesday!

west palm

tonight will, fogt and i drove to west palm for the premiere of weekendtage: the movie.  it was pretty damn awesome, and its acid-trip scene was one of the best segments i've ever seen in a skate video.  we got some street skating in too--fogt, andrew considine, and johan each got a good clip.

and speaking of palms...

gainesvillians--fogt, johan, john clayton, and i are coming up on tuesday.  be ready.

fried chicken hoodrich

...whatever the fuck that means. here's something from mandi-claw member nic nootens, featuring some williamsburg skating and a rap song that includes one of the best hip-hop bird-calls i've heard to date. and speaking of birdman, here's the new plan--i'm coming to gainesville on tuesday or wednesday, as will mr. alexander carl fogt. get your lines down, kids!

also, a night skating montage will be up tomorrow morning. wu-tang joe, teak, john, brandon, and fogt getting it in during these muggy december nights--a throwaway montage with some good cruising and some serious tricks in there too.

Phonetage Stuart

Phonetage I filmed during my extended vacation in Stuart, Florida.

gettin weird

making do with what we have.  a new montage by jake coming tonight.

damn, ron

the good days keep on comin.  brandon and john got some good ones in, and eventually both broke their boards.  fogt's doing pretty well on his goal for filming a whole street part without ollies.

the train keeps rolling on

this is looking to be fogt's weirdest part yet.  the slappies are bountiful.  will got a trick today too.  you got some new spots lined up yet, gainesville guys?