boil the ocean - top 10 of 11

i have no idea who writes Boil the Ocean, but I imagine him to wear hoodies and glasses, teach middle school history, and do slappy grinds on the way home from work.  in any case, it's one of the best skate sites online, with great writing and on-point statements.  it just put up its choices for the top 10 parts of 2011.  to quote:

10. Zach Funk (Fuck Yinz Vol. 2)

"Macrobrew flavoring for a limited distribution release, Zach Funk in this vid brings what you’d maybe call a skater’s skater something or other, starting with the first backside flip on flat. Which is to say there’s not a lot of flash to this part in terms of tricks, or spots or production value and for its purpose on this list that’s maybe a lot of the point. The woozy lean on the front blunt kickflip out stands over a million cleaner versions at better-lit spots filmed in HD and the floaty frontside pop-shove it reminded me of an old World Industries video though I couldn’t put a finger on which one or why exactly. Wrist cast, step-up rings, baggy hooded sweatshirt, he grasps the gangster powers of a frontside flip nosegrind and this dude also can do a good backside tailslide. Not knowing a lot about this vid I’m hoping it really did come out in calendar 2011 or else this year’s edition of the list will be off to a particularly rough start."

read the whole list at Boil the Ocean.

don't believe everything you read

including the text below the picture above.  "new site coming in 2012" is the equivalent of "new plan b video coming in 2007."  so a site might be coming, might not.  we also have a sick t-shirt ready to print....  maybe one day.

new year's is almost here.  we (meaning me, fogt, john, brandon, nic nootens, ryan barlow, chuey, and connor kammerer) are heading down to miami to shred.  here are some shots from last week's foray into MIA with damron and clayton:

my new year's resolutions are much the same as last year's.  to make a better video than last time.  fingers crossed.

santa's coming to town

tomorrow is christmas eve.  i'm in stuart, chilling on egg nog.  john, brandon, and i dipped down to MIA for a day and came up on some new spots; we're going to head back down after new years, with the addition of nic nootens, fogt, piro, and hopefully matt town (get your shit together, matt).  in the meantime, here are some Xmas videos from the mandible claw family. peep game.

Shitty Santa from Cruizees Skateboarding on Vimeo.

moving on up

last night we had a great session with eby, fogt, and the two leos--gutman and heinert.  the littler leo got an insane trick that would have belonged in the most recent new york clip.  fogt ended up breaking his board, as usual, so today before he left for delaware he had to get some clips to make up for it.

we found this wall walking home drunk from a bar last night, so we decided to go skate it.... unfortunately, alcohol and geography don't mix, and it took us a long time to find it again.  as we were filming, eby called us and met up.  he seemed confused when he arrived.

eby: "i thought you said you were skating a wallride spot?"
me: "i did."
"but this is.... well, i guess you can call any building a wall ride spot, then."

fogt got 2 clips over this really high pole, breaking another board in the process, then hopped a bus back to newark.  he and i are both headed to florida this weekend.  see you soon.

skate bush

HOT TOWN is a notorious kate bush fan.  you may remember this fact from HOT TOWN feature such as this:

however, it seems that someone else has taken up the reins. is a collection of well-done gems.  i knew she would be a skater.

the fogt is back in town

and has been doing his usual thing.

a lot of people have been asking me: what are you going to do for the next clip?  josh stewart said we should skate only in buildings' lobbies.  fogt says we should film ourselves killing a security guard who tries to kick us out, then skate over his murdered body.  so, loyal readers, do you have any suggestions?  underwater?  on the moon?  naked?

"le Petit Sacripant" is French for: THE COOKIES THAT MAKE YOU WANNA SHRED

check out that 90's gear...

Jenkem Mag Interview

Colin recently did a interview with Jenkem mag, he's becoming quite the celebrity. Read it here.

"I know you want to tell me how many bangers so and so had in their latest part – but fuck that – this is one of our favorite skate clips of the year, for sure. Colin Read and Mandible Claw make a skate dream come true: skating police cars, skitching taxis, grinding trucks and having full blown subway sessions. What is so great about this clip, is that it actually looks FUN, something that can be missing from these high budget, ultra pressured skate videos where stair count and tricks trump all. They don’t need to start cutting in clips of smiles, high fives and skaters bro-ing down to convince us, you just know it is."

"un café et un pain au chocolat pour JIMMY, S.V.P."

FREEDOM FRIES, FAGGOTS! Don't you remember? We boycotted those stuck-up assholes a decade ago for a good reason: the French weren't willingy supporting our international bullying. BUT it seems that the french are at least being kind to Mandible Claw associate, Jimmy Lannon.

All of you already know that Jimmy is now riding for Magenta, probably one of the raddest companies around right now, and they happen to be based out of Paris. While I was in Paris the other weekend, waiting for the train, I snooped around in a book store and found this quite typical, nondescript skate mag called "SUGAR" (sorry dudes but the name sucks):

On second glance I noticed Jimmy's name, all up and done in fancy script:

Inside there is a full interview with photos from Mandible Claw bros Carlos Jaramillo and J. Henry. Pretty rad. Jimmy talks (translated into French) about Florida, Living in Gainesville, Atlanta, his wife, Magenta, his past video parts, etc, but didn't ONCE mention the CLAW (or the taco bell warm-up spot in the ville). And that's a god damn shame. But it's still a pretty rad thing to come across. A couple more pics (oh yeah, sorry about the quality, I took them with my webcam):


just make sure to watch til the end

p.s. I've picked up a couple of skate mags recently, one from Oslo and one from Paris, and they feature some members, close friends, and not-so-distant friends of the CLAW. Therefore, soon, hopefully, I'll post some pics and words about them for all you yankees to see.


featured article over at Typical Culture for Dante DeBose with photos and words by Carlos Jaramillo. check it!

New York Clip 12 - Rush Hour


to clarify/defend myself.

going about this, we tried to have a sense of ethics.  when we did something that could damage a car, it was only on a car that was totally fucked or abandoned.  for example, the car that got its windshield broken was an abandoned junker covered in bird shit under the BQE.  the car in the first line had a flat, had piled-up tickets, was dented and rusted.  it was similar with all the other cars that were skated, including the blue van, which had a few of its windows replaced by duct tape.

yes, the car he ran on wasn't shitty, but it wouldn't/didn't hurt the car at all.

skate and destroy.


Think of HOT TOWN as a fungus: what you see is the MUSHROOM, the "fruiting body," but really, underneath that fruiting body is an enormous, intricate, and complex web of mycelia (fungal structures akin to plant roots). Those mycelia are always active, underneath the earth's surface, spreading, growing, excreting enzymes, etc, but at the right times and under the most favorable conditions, mycelium fuse together, and a primordium, or "baby mushroom," begins to form. This ultimately grows into what we know as mushrooms. Sometime this fruiting body persists for a few weeks before it releases spores and then degrades into itself again and sometimes this fruiting body lasts for mere seconds before it's completed its final stage of its life cycle.
Maybe this video clip, on this here blog, represents one of those such mushrooms, only appearing for a minute or two before disintegrating back into the mycelium-like web of the internet. Maybe it will reappear one-day as something greater, different, and more important. This is supposedly the last installment of the HOT TOWN video clips, but just like mushrooms, the mycelium of HOT TOWN continues on:

The Big Time

We made the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Hypebeast,Gothamist and just about every other big blog on the interwebs.


It might be different depending on where you live on this tiny planet, but in most places Autumn is here. Autumn weather can pose many challenges to skateboarding, e.g. fog, rain and/or general dampness. Therefore, sometimes, although you have the best intentions, you never really succeed on your planned skateboarding mission. But we all know that this can happen on even the best of days. You try and go out for a nice session, but instead you just get lost in the woods. Consider this the newest "teaser" for the upcoming, internet-only, donation based, HOT TOWN video clip...


the first new "teaser" for the new HOT TOWN video clip featuring new faces and some new material somehow related to skateboarding:


buggica put this amazing tape together of tampa homies, a lot of whom you've seen in previous mandible videos.  the title says it all.  get down.

all hallow's eve

we've talked about it for years.  everyone could see it.  but finally, jake did it.

we went through the snow--fuck that winter shit--to the KCDC party, where the unanimous agreement was that j casanova was the best costume there. i was a beer wizard, piro was a weird duck thing, eby was the honey badger, and ben was nothing.  way to blow it, ben.

costumed shredding on the ramp can be seen in the naysayer clip, which goes along with some dope photos.

now that november is here, and ryan barlow is back in florida with a grip of footage and photos under his belt, we have some quiet in the mandible claw HQ.  finally i can catch up on my work, and actually get some writing done.  i finally have peace....

today, steve spence called me and reminded he he's coming on friday, and so is fogt.

let the good times roll.  again.  i'll sleep when i'm dead.

like ninja turtles

i've been on a bit of a kick with "conceptual" or themed skate parts.  one, for example, was the trailer for "561 to NYC."  another that i've had in mind for a long time is a part filmed entirely in the subway system. but...

NYC Transit Rules of Conduct: It is a violation to-

Stand on a skateboard
Jump the turnstile or enter the system improperly
Move between end doors of a subway car whether or not train is in motion
Damage subway or bus property - that includes graffiti or scratches

but last week, with the japanese force in town, and a humdrum rain descending upon the city, we decided to go for it.  or in our exact words, "fuck it."

2 late, late nights later, and a handful of close encounters under our belts, and i had this.

i'll put together an out-take video soon; we have tons of footage that i didn't put in this.  stay tuned.

PS jimmy lannon and brandon damron are in town.  time to stack.


You know what it is.

good bye summer......


NYC pillage!  robbie, adam, alex, and myself.  joe is a king among men.


Cruizees is exactly what it sounds like: cruiser boards and coozies.  Run by two Steves, Spence and Buggica, it's for the homies, by the homies.  They only have coozies for now, but once they have enough funds, they're making skateboards perfect for beer runs and filmers.    Go to their site and cop that shit.

and the winner is....

5boro and homage skate shop threw a contest on saturday.  4000 bucks were on the line...or so it was told.  but in the end they only gave out 2 grand.  which is okay, since team mandible claw got 1300 of it.

fletchare got first, and TJ came in second.  the victory, and some pizza and hot wings, got everyone hyped to go street skating.  i didn't even bring my camera to the contest (because i figured they'd be over skating for the day), so we grabbed my gear and skated all night.

tomorrow is fletch and caio's last day in town.  hopefully it'll be productive.

561 to NYC - Jesse "Chuey" Stirling

with sean conover and carlos jaramillo.

VHS tape

jimmy, TJ sparks, yonnie, coleman, and more in this part from VHS tape.  sick video.

TWS - Cinematographer

I was rewatching Cinematographer when I came across Josh Stewart's section.   The video, for those who haven't seen it, is divided up by filmers--each filmer has a section they edited (RB Umalie, Mike Manzoori, Dan Wolfe, etc.)  Stewart's part is full of familiar Florida faces: Billy Rohan, Phil Hajal, Jeff Lenoce, Ed Selego, Brian Howard, and others.  When's the last time you saw Billy wearing a backwards hat?

strush wheels

ill promo.

the japanese connection

two of connor's friends from the far east skate network, kenji and akira, are in NYC and have been cruising with us.  we skated all day day; after the others left for home, connor, the two of them and i barged some random lo-fi art gallery, got some beers, then kept skating.

kenji rips.  and he doesn't give a fuck about scaffolding.

561 Ban

561 Shirts banned in Martin County High Schools. If you live there fight back and wear your shirt with pride.
Link to Story

skate wall street

"occupy wall street" is getting bigger.  today 10,000 people marched to city hall.  this means more closed businesses for us to skate.

TJ sparks is the most recent addition to MC3; he's claimed stake to a full part.  at the mandible claw headquarters, we're working on ideas for the next video.  i'll tell you now, it's going to be really, really weird.  i figure that this is my chance to make something as bizarre as my brain is.  for example, see that movie, "house," screenshotted below.  (is screenshotted a word?)

others who've claimed parts: one in a million alumni, matt militano, alex conn, and kennedy cantrell.

on another note, i'm more excited than any of you about the upcoming HOT-TOWN clip.  i hope this isn't a joke, vince!



Great movie? Or greatest movie ever? House.

spence bro sighting

found this gem on the interwebs

i'm back in action

i was busy 24/7 all last week due to one in a million, but my life is back to normal.  tj sparks is in town, so we've been filming; some of the ATL homies just got in too.  today we checked out the wall street protests and all the surrounding madness.

ryan barlow is coming up in two weeks, maybe permanently.  we're working on hard on moving every floridian skater to new york; bobby puleo is pissed.

NY Capsule

Magenta's NY Capsule is online. Colin has a good amount of clips in it. Mandible brothers Matt Town, Connor, Barlow, Jimmy and Mr. Read himself all make appearances.

Link to Video


Kilpatrick Post

Ben has some good Mandible Claw life style shots up on his blog. Peep em.