mandible claw X 561

here's the plan.  at the end of the month, i'm going to put out a mini-video with 3 full parts--john, brandon, and fogt, plus whatever homies that get some tricks in.  i'm coming to gainesville after new years, so think of some spots to film at--i want to film a whole gainesville part in the days i'm up there.  so man up, fuck the cold, and let's all go skating.  you guys are getting soft, just skating possum creek all the time--it's time to bring it back to the streets!  jimmy, steve, james, shawn, chuey, dante, cornell, michael, erik....get your shit ready and let's do this.  this is also the first filming trip up there for mandible claw 2.

here's some old parts from the dudes.  their new parts are going to be pretty nuts.  fogt has been skating really, really hard, too--2 broken boards in 2 days.