after an awesome day of skating today, and after john and brandon got 2 or 3 sick clips each, i fell on a rock while skating back to my car, and now the camera's broken.  going to ship it off tomorrow to get it fixed.  hopefully we can save the tape--there's sick footage on it.  FUCK

so long for filming this winter

EDIT: well, i think i have a battle plan.  i think alex raspa is going to let me use his camera a bit while i'm in stuart, and i hope that maybe berstch could let me use his VX while i'm in gainesville.  could somebody up there ask berstch for me--spence bros?  and hopefully the camera gets fixed soon and comes back before break ends.

here's the stills from yesterday.  i just wish i had the tape at least from today, there's about a minute of footage on it.  brandon in a line, then john's front shove nosegrind.

today is a good day, because i'm dogsitting with lia now!  WOOF

don't forget about tha meow

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