getting some, or, some to be gotten

this morning fogt and i had advil for breakfast and hit the streets. we got lots of footage for the trip video i'm making when fogt leaves, and fogt did one line so good that we're saving for mandible claw 2. we're heading back out tonight. love, MC

newark, delaware

flew into philly, met up with fogt, went to FDR. gnarliest place i've ever skated, by far. has to be seen to be believed. we both got broken off pretty hard; i don't know if i can skate (or walk) tomorrow. fogt gashed his hand open on some broken glass after looping out off the side of a ramp and doing a front flip. i slipped out in the bowl and mashed up my bad hip. the place is beserk.

we drove down to newark, where fogt lived and skated around for a few hours until fogt lost a wheel somehow. after a pit stop and a bar stop, we skated some more spots (still damp from today's rain) until fogt broke his board. a bad day for fogt's stuff.

tomorrow looks hopeful. if i can stand up.