sorry, everybody, but i have to leave gainesville again today. a mandible claw associate, lia cary, was badly hurt while surfing today--her birthday--almost losing one of her eyes. i'm heading down to stuart to lend a hand.

i'll be back really soon, everybody.

real talk

uganda skateboarding. hell yeah. watch the whole thing, but the serious ripping starts at around 7 minutes in. these kids rule!

how rad is it that people are skating in places where the majority of roads are unpaved? i remember the footage of the ugandan park a few years ago, and kids were just rolling back and forth. but now they're doing 5-foot airs. i can't do that.

i want to get a box together to send to these guys--boards and shoes that are still good, trucks, maybe some skate videos, etc. anybody else want to help?

Kitintale from Yann Gross on Vimeo.

more ripping.

U.S.U. trailer '10 from Yann Gross on Vimeo.