new shit

one more time, gonna celebrate...

johan stuckey has officially switched teams from 'rip n dip' to 'slurp n durp.'

alex fogt, fellow slurp n durp team member.

slurp n durp, baby!

bowl shredding!

a camera on the bottom of a board, filming the back truck slashing the coping? fuck yeah!
fuck ledge-dancing and overused songs, this is what it's all about. skateboarding needs to die, so all that remains are the lifers and good, old-fashioned ripping.


Element is doing this Trio web-only video thing, three full parts from Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown and Darrell Stanton. First up is Chad. Always been a fan of his. There is a little ledge dancing, so you might want to close your eyes for those clips, Colin... sorry.

edit: i would have been way more stoked if it were chad muska instead

cornell edit: i knew you would say that. maybe they'll make a part 4 for him.