DVD status

so. this is taking way too damn long. supposedly fogt has finished the art, and is giving it to me tomorrow. so this is what's happening.

i'm going to take the art, size it for the DVD label, and send it out to a company to print the illustrations on blank DVDs (no replication company will touch the video because of obvious copyright infringements). when i get those back, i'm going to head to the UF campus and use the equipment there to copy the DVDs. i'm ordering 200 of them. that sound right for a first run, do you think? for the cases, i'm ordering blank cases and printing out the inserts myself, again at UF.

so. 200 DVDs. the tweaked (improved) video, plus over 30 minutes of bonus features. the reason it's taken so long has been the bonus stuff and the artwork, and the packaging stuff--DVD labels, cases, illustrations. it all takes time, and more than that, this shit takes money. nevertheless, the DVDs will be on sale for 7 or 8 dollars, and less for shops that buy multiple copies. soon!