what to expect in the next few weeks

i'm graduating on saturday. send me your checks, bitches.

but back to the point--the DVD will be coming out soon, as i said. but before that, to keep you occupied, there will a point-and-shoot edit from our tally trip, which vince is going to edit. i'll post more parts online as time goes on.

for the bonus section of the DVD, there's a new overseas edit, a 16-minute long unused footage montage, the original mandible claw berrics edit, alternative edits, and a scotty kramer video (scott, the sooner you make that, the better--i want these fucking DVDs out as soon as fogt finishes the artwork). the video itself has a few changes since the big showing--shawn will have a different song than the one used at the premiere, specifically. to the shops that have requested copies, i'll let you know as soon as they're printed.

the DVDs will be on sale for $_.__. what i mean is--how much do you think it should be? i'm open to input, but don't be a cheapskate, you fuckers. see you in the comment box.

alien workshop 1998

this part is fucking sick. 7 minutes or OG workshop riders in an old 411 industry section. got me hyped.

i found this on manny's rips, where a guy is putting old parts from VHS tapes online. good work, manny.

DVD out as soon as fogt finishes the cover art. the end is near--sorry for the wait, folks.