not exactly new York

really wish he hadn't fucked up his knee


a lot of people, apparently including cory, don't realize that mike actually did come back from his knee injury, and has been ripping. this video,, turf's up, came out in '08, and mike york had this full part. it was a precursor to today's retarded "5-0 to switch crook" phase--you how how in every new part there seems to be a bunch of these dumb, ugly combos tricks? well, i mostly blame marc johnson and the rest of fully flared, but mike york started this shit full-tilt in this part. way ahead of the curve (albeit a stupid curve).

Mike York - TURF's Up from TURFglobal on Vimeo.

another note--cory, let me handle the posts for a while.

dear, colin:

i can see where the assumption would come from, but i actually did know that he had been doing other stuff. still don't want anyone to hurt their knee.

as for the posts -- go for it, boss. i got websites to make.