5ive Flavors Week - Friday

last and most certainly not least, Mr. Scott Johnston


This is a true story:

The other night I had a dream that Colin, myself, and some other random mandi-clawers were in an unknown part of Spain. We were all skating around and having fun when we were suddenly mobbed by a group of 10-13 year old kids. There was some wierdo guy with us (he looked like a typical filmer bro) who happened to know spanish and translated for us. Apparently, Colin had promoted the video in Europe really well, and we had a crazy following from spainish kids. The random filmer bro and Colin started handing out very DYI looking copies (they were in clear CD cases with pen drawings on lined paper for the cover insert) of "The Mandible Claw" Video for 5 euro a piece. I was baffled but excited, nonetheless.

As more and more kids kept demanding copies of the video I asked Colin how they knew about it all the way in spain. He said something like DUDE, COME ON, MANDIBLE CLAW DOT COM GETS LIKE 1000s OF HITS A DAY FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. PLUS I GOT KEENAN MILTON TO PUBLICIZE THIS SHIT ON THE SLAP SKATEBOARDING FORUMS. 

After selling numerous copies of the video along the streets of Mystery City, Spain, we were all hungry and decided to stop at a corner store to get something to eat. While we were eating, some random kids started messing with one of our pre-teen fans, and they put him in a burlap sack, tied the top shut and dropped him off the balcony we were on. I freaked out on the kids and colin tried to eat a chili dog while getting on a bus, but they kicked him off. The kids, who respected me because I was part of the mandi-crew, told me that he was OK, that the kid wasn't dead, just really fucked up and that he'd be fine (NO BIG DEAL DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT). And that was pretty much the end of my Mandible Claw Video dream.