night crawlers

tonight was yet another good skate session. and of course what i mean by that is this: although every night we go out skating is a blast, sometimes the camera catches some amazing tricks. as the video is wrapping up, people seem to be hyped on getting as much footage as they can. i've been pushing every goofy skater to try this one line for a while, and tonight koki did it--i'm always pumped on long lines at night. my favorite thing to watch in skate videos, period. and thankfully koki, dante, matty, and carlos have been coming through with the goods. erik got a big ollie, and jonny came through with some hihg-speed manual trickery. good looks!

a skate park?

no! a skate part


the video is wrapping up soon! if anyone has any footage they want to give, let me know. anyone who isn't even in the video yet, just say the word, send me some clips, we'll fit you in. let's wrap this shit up, son. teak, scott, anybody, if you have some footage you want to spare, send it over--i promise it won't go to waste.