i love 4chan

because most people have no idea what the fuck is going on. actually you probably don't either. never ever go to 4chan. they are mischievous fuckers who are responsible for every internet meme ever. lolcats? yup. rickrolls? yes again. seriously, every stupid internet fad, they made it. and they fuck with EVERYONE. and people take it seriously. or should i say: srsly.

git r done!

fisherman dave came out with us tonight and got a great clip. quick-footed and a big ollie. yeah dave!

carlos got two tricks tonight, too. lately he's been wearing a 70s cop mustache. in other news, last night we were out skating with steve cock while he was in town for a bit (he's back from barca) and he got a clip in near-dark, as did matty b. matt got another quick, stylish trick at an old spot that's recently un-skatestopped, but just barely--you still have to ride on a ledge that is made barely 8 inches wide by the thousand skatestoppers covering it. oh well. good work, matt.

the 1970s

what the shit.
Karate Vs Bear - The best home videos are here
thanks to brayden for this!

sorry guys

i've been blowing it on the blog front. just a bunch of shit i've found on the internet. so while i can't post new footage yet, i'll do other stuff that involves a bit more thinking and maybe will get some of you to check out some rad stuff.

apart from being a skate nerd i'm also a real-life nerd, and a film nerd. so this week's MANDIBLE CLAW ACTOR OF THE WEEK is...

toshiro mifune!

if you know you know. dude was one bad motherfucker, and the best japanese actor of his era. watch pretty much anything by akira kurosawa and he'll be holding it down.

any other mandi-claw posts you'd like to see?

matt rodriguez

mandi claw favorite with some great new footage.