better style than you

fucking killing it

hell fooking yes

this movie looks amazing. i'm not even being sarcastic. this looks like it could be one of the first good skate movies ever.

an appeal

"READ,WILLIAM C" Add to address book
Date: Thu Jan 14 03:40:32 EST 2010
Subject: Regarding our YouNited Nations entry.

Dear Mr. Berra,

I am writing you in response to your recent unveiling of the final 17 of the YouNited Nations videos. Mr. Berra, I believe you may have made an unwitting error; for, upon reading the list, I saw that the Mandible Claw video was not included. At first, I was quite surprised. Shocked, even. Perhaps a bit offended.
However, I soon realized what must have occurred: why, you must not have watched our video! Of course, I thought, that must be the answer. I deliberated on how this might have occurred. Our video was submitted online, via YouSendIt; perhaps the email didn't go through. Or: it was caught it the spam filter! Ah, I thought, now that I've discovered the mistake, I must bring it to Mr. Berra's attention.

So here we are. Mr. Berra, I humbly invite you to watch our video, the Mandible Claw edit for your contest. I believe that you will realize what you have so regrettably missed during the selection of your finalists.

Here is the link to the vimeo of the edit, which I uploaded yesterday.

Thank you.

Mandible Claw