new year's eve

skated all day.  got some cool lines and single tricks at martin county high, then headed into uncharted territory to check out some "fogt spots."  we struck gold.  the video's looking good so far--four and a half minutes of edited keeper footage.  more tomorrow.

mandible claw X 561

here's the plan.  at the end of the month, i'm going to put out a mini-video with 3 full parts--john, brandon, and fogt, plus whatever homies that get some tricks in.  i'm coming to gainesville after new years, so think of some spots to film at--i want to film a whole gainesville part in the days i'm up there.  so man up, fuck the cold, and let's all go skating.  you guys are getting soft, just skating possum creek all the time--it's time to bring it back to the streets!  jimmy, steve, james, shawn, chuey, dante, cornell, michael, erik....get your shit ready and let's do this.  this is also the first filming trip up there for mandible claw 2.

here's some old parts from the dudes.  their new parts are going to be pretty nuts.  fogt has been skating really, really hard, too--2 broken boards in 2 days.

got the camera back

and the tape, too. here's some stills off it.  more soon--full parts from john and brandon coming sooner than later.  expect a phone-tage from jake and a new full fogt part within the next week or so, too.

the pillage 3

the pillage is an asset to humanity. thank joe for this. the pillage 3. fogt does some serious shit in this one.

merry christmas


camera's getting repaired, will have it back soon.  they saved the tape, thank the lord.  i've been in winter haven for a few days; i've skated the only spot available here, which is a steep driveway on the side of a gravel hill.  i'm coming home tomorrow--let's skate, stuart dudes.

there's a great mike york interview up on chrome ball. check it out.


jimmy lannon.  go to and watch his welcome video.  congrats!


after an awesome day of skating today, and after john and brandon got 2 or 3 sick clips each, i fell on a rock while skating back to my car, and now the camera's broken.  going to ship it off tomorrow to get it fixed.  hopefully we can save the tape--there's sick footage on it.  FUCK

so long for filming this winter

EDIT: well, i think i have a battle plan.  i think alex raspa is going to let me use his camera a bit while i'm in stuart, and i hope that maybe berstch could let me use his VX while i'm in gainesville.  could somebody up there ask berstch for me--spence bros?  and hopefully the camera gets fixed soon and comes back before break ends.

here's the stills from yesterday.  i just wish i had the tape at least from today, there's about a minute of footage on it.  brandon in a line, then john's front shove nosegrind.

today is a good day, because i'm dogsitting with lia now!  WOOF

don't forget about tha meow

> -- no pussies allowed


keeping the updates coming.  nic and i cruised the city during santacon, where people get dressed up as santa and get wasted.  fun was to be had.


here it is: the edit of this fall's skating.  hope you like it, this is the good stuff.  nic, billy, damien, jake, and me.

27 degrees

damian and i battled the cold for a few hours this afternoon.  check the temperature on my phone.  damien got 2 good lines, but that's about regular for him.  my hands froze into mandible claws around the camera handle.  florida, i miss you!

my dream

will abesada's family recently came into some farmland in the nothingness of palm city.  i am counting on will, and any other stuart-inhabiting skaters to build something amazing to skate there.  here's some inspiration.

OG as fuck.

harold, todd jordan, jeff pang, anthony correa, brian brown, quim, etc.  enjoy. 

i have a full part of most of the footage i filmed of friends up here the past couple of months, i'm hyped on it.  will be up in a few days.

still stillin'

tonight we skated for 11 hours, noon til 11 PM.  damien got 3 lines and a gnar manual, jake got quick on some ollies, and i got punched in the face.  here's some recent stills--damien, billy, jake, and brandon damron.

fogt's doppelganger.

last night taji had a photo show and his 21st birthday party. while at max fish, jake and i saw this alex fogt doppelganger. here he is, lurking in the background of taji.

Westside Skateshop for TWS

mike atwood came through with an awesome edit for westside's entry in the ongoing transworld shop contest. koki, jimmy, yonnie, and the whole crew skating to ODB. everybody go on the transworld site and vote for this video. do it! NOW! click here to vote