a few days before thanksgiving, i swung by gainesville and had an awesome session with the mandible homies at the park. here's what i made of it. steve is stylish as all hell, shawn is ripping as always, and chuey is a killer. i'll be back in 2 or 3 weeks, everybody--get some street spots ready, because we're gonna go filming!

dusk at possum creek from Colin Read on Vimeo.

anyway, i'm back in new york now. but i got to spend some time in stuart, and skated with wutang joe and brandon damron. the homies, in florida's fall weather, pushing around downtown stuart; it doesn't get much better than that. expect a full part of brandon coming after wintertime.


I found this old picture of Colin looking like a creep. Original Material

stuart, fl

i'm in stuart for an indeterminate number of days, until whenever i can catch a flight back to new york. the beach, the wind in the seagrapes. new york is sick but being here feels like a big breath of fresh air. a little gainesville park video coming in the next day or so, mostly displaying how fucking badass chuey is. see you soon.

i'm in gainesville

for one or two more days. call me, i don't have anyone's numbers. dante, matt, chuey--call me and let's go film!

in the meantime, this montage from the trasher video RULES.


i'm here for one or two days, till tuesday or wednesday. call me, fools--i don't have anybody's numbers. matt, dante, etc., call me, let's skate!


phone footage with billy, harry jumanji, and HOSOI


this post is full of bad news. first off, my cousin blaine was hit by an RPG in afghanistan, and is currently in the hospital in DC. send positive vibes his way. i may be spending thanksgiving there with him and my family. which brings me to my second point--i may not be coming to gainesville. and the third thing is that a bunch of stuff is coming up with the element thing, so it might not be coming out either. life sucks, so quit.

remember video magazines? now they're gone, and we miss things like this.

sometimes it's good to get back to your roots

especially in times of great change. this blog is about to undergo the switch to an actual website format. but before that, we all need to remember the importance of images such as these.

elevated edit

Nick from Elevated Engineering put together an edit with mandi-claw pals Matty Town, MF Debose, Tyler Dumais, Danny Sanchez, Steve Cockrell and Miles Mathia. diggin' the song.

Like a G6 from Elevated_Nicholas on Vimeo.

almost finished

with billy's element commercial. hopefully it'll be live within the next few days. big ballin, g!

buy a truck, get a gun

get your free AK-47 before it is too late


yonnie cruz, jimmy lannon, paul deoliveira, billy, and myself skating the roof. yonnie destroys!

floridians on the roof from Colin Read on Vimeo.

da mystery of chessboxin

damien redid the crook from last night again tonight, but in a line, starting out on this chess table.  boy's got ups.

we got pointlessly kicked out of the plaza for a while--the cops told us it was dumb and that we could come back in half an hour.  so we skated across the street at this ledge spot.  after a while, another cop car shows up, and pulls onto the sidewalk and heads toward us, looking at us, and we get ready to be kicked out.  but then the cop, not looking at where he's driving, almost runs over a guy on a bicycle.  he sees at the last second, swerves, bashes his chassis on the curb.  i guess he was embarrassed, because he just left, and didn't come back.

halloween hellraiser

nic filmed this and edited this for mandi-claw.  an awesome time.  those monkey feet made my feet hurt a lot the next couple of days.


"When I am skating on the streets, I can feel people questioning my right to skate.  Their opinions are meaningless to me.  I really like skating and I won't stop."

This perfect expression of how it is to skate was said by a twelve-year old girl in Kabul.  Watch this short documentary, SKATEISTAN.  It's incredibly well done--shot beautifully, well-narrated.  It's so good, that for this post I'm using proper capitalization.  Full-screen it and enjoy.

Phonetage One

A day in Willamsburg, filmed entirely on an I phone

Many more epic Phonetages coming soon.

daylight savings

the change of seasons means that it gets dark around 5, which means lots of night skating.  here's jake, getting it in before the night falls:

nic nootens, continuing his killing spree:

and mandible claw newcomer, damien, who's sure to be seen a lot on this website in the future.

jake got the new iphone and has been going crazy filming stuff on it like an idiot, so there's a phone-tage coming soon.  plus, a throwaway thingy, and other crap.  oh--and we're working on getting a proper website going, and moving away from being just a blog.  stay tuned.

nick jensen

a new full part from lakai.  the line around 2:24 on the 2 street gaps is one of the best i've seen this year.  always a favorite.

street ish

come on, get down.

assorted skating: aaron herrington, paul deoliveria, jake ireland, nic nootens, and myself.

thrash report

jake and i skated the cold off for a few hours, until about 12:45 tonight. something i never knew--jake can film really well with a VX. "from texas," he tells me. still, a very unexpected and positive discovery. we each got a line at the plaza near our house, which is seen in the mandible claw video, when shane kassin does a line there (front shove the long three stair, nollie heel, etc). it's a great place to skate at night--lit up enough to skate, nobody there, no bust factor, no fear of being robbed--it's right off the bridge turnoff. as we were skating, a group of 4 plump latin women, all in their mid- to late-30s, sat down on own of the benches and smoked some weed. only in new york.

brad mcclain

i haven't seen someone rip pools this hard since cardiel. fucking rad.

in other news, it's 50 degrees, 10:30 PM, and jake and i are going skating.