steve spence's 21st bday

some pictures from last night. razortail played. good times were had. happy bday spence!

the contest was amazing! coverage coming in the next few days.

in the meantime, here's some steve durante and fred gall, KILLING IT.

"floridians are the best on the east coast!"

today i met up with jimmy, paul de oliveira, and yanni cruz, and we went to the roof and skated for a while. tomorrow we'll hopefully manage to get together and skate some street.

what are you all gonna be for halloween?

POST HIJACK--van wastell

COLIN: van wastell's goodbye part. RIP, true ripper.

house of vans

i filmed and edited this 2 nights ago for vans.  amazing park--i hope i can go there a lot when it's winter.

\/ ! !\! ( !=

┬┴┬/ ̄\_/ ̄\
┬┴┬┴▏  ▏▔▔▔▔\
┴┬┴/\ /      ﹨
┬┴∕       /   )
┴┬▏        ●  ▏
┬┴▏           ▔█◤
┴◢██◣       \__/
┬█████◣       /
◥◢████ ████████◤   \
┴█████ ██████◤       ﹨
┬│   │█████◤         ▏
┴│   │  ▏
┬∕   ∕    /▔▔▔\      ∕

extra! extra!

on the front page of

SLAP PALS ASK: Billy Rohan

i guess mandible claw has become the official billy rohan footage machine.  i guess i just haven't met too many other dudes that i go filming with--i usually just skate around by myself or meet up with some dudes and skate parks and not film.  but anyway--here's an interview i did for the slap mag site.  some new street footy and a lot of crazy stories.


today i spent all afternoon building a ramp at the rooftop.  finally, we finish, and i go to grab my board to try it out, and guess what--some little hoodrat stole it.  a brand new hopps, never skated.  raaaaaaad.  i hate humans.


here's a day of footage at the rooftop in the halloween hellraiser preview, up on the AG site.  there's billy, taji, kevin tierney, and jahmal williams, plus koki and fogt (who did that gnarly 50-50 on a giant custom-shaped fishtail board).  check it, and come out on the 30th for the skate/costume contest!

rooftop rampage

first day at the roof with the new VX.  in order: billy cruising; roll-up and bigspin front board; kickflip.  tonight, i went out skating with jake and 561 associate steve mcclintock.  no footage, just pushing.  i'm going to florida in the morning, back on monday.  see you there, or here.  

phone snaps

things from the recent past.

derp derp dinosaur

the VX with some new skate videos

pontus alv drew on my copy!

my inbox at school
skating the roof with jahmal williams

get rad!

so what's up in gainesville?  fill me in on anything cool going on.

saw this on tv a month or so ago

the ending was a good surprise

the fat boys are back

billy landed the best trick i've seen done at the fat kid spot yesterday.  shit is real!  i'm heading back to florida in a few days, will come back on sunday or monday.  i don't know if i'll make it to gainesville.  oh, also:


today we skated the rooftop park with billy, jahmal williams, kevin tierney, and taji. got some sick footage, should be up in a couple days.

here's a fucking awesome part of aaron herrington, ripping san fran a new one.

fogt's in town

skated all day, then met up with jake for some midtown cruisin. jake came up on a banger, then got kicked out the second he landed it. let the good times meow.

NIC NOOTENS, for mandi-claw!

you've asked for it, so here's the first new NYC footage on the site. a short clip of night footage with new mandi-claw associate, nic nootens.

NIC NOOTENS for mandible claw from Colin Read on Vimeo.

steve spence is one in a million

here's the entry we sent in for the SLAP contest. steve got hurt recently, so send him your positive vibes!

steve spence is one in a million from Colin Read on Vimeo.

Mandi Claw Cruiser

get on the claw and just skate

a music video by Florida's own David Cahall a.k.a Corn featuring Shinobi Stalin. sign of the times? Mike rosa? we can get down with the lyrics?
i like this David. Lets get a confirmation on this guy's rhyme "ill communication, only built for cuban linx, won a contest in Gainesville cuz of finesse i think."

Around the City

Hey mandible claw its Jake, I'm going to be posting pictures of our ventures around the city, enjoy.


Billy Rohan

Helping Hand


Been Filming

Billy Rohan


phone tage

a video filmed on my phone.  my new VX and death lens will be here next week.  it begins.

but until then: