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more new junk coming soon

tompkins from Colin Read on Vimeo.

Had a bad day?

now you dont

today's stills

butt-shot extraordinaire


kevin lowry

slaying shit in "elephant direct."

i love frosting

today was a failed filming day. we have less than a week to finish the thing we're working on. hopefully tomorrow will be better. mow mow mow

johan stuckey for HUF

mandible claw associate johan stuckey coming in with HUF footwear. go jo!

elephant direct

the color mag just put out another amazing video, and it's streaming online for the next five days--watch it now! it's short, with good music and solid editing, not to mention some of the best east coast and canada skating going on right now.


original coors

the previously-posted cards video is taken down because it's been posted before on this blog at least twice.


a new acapulco gold video, which i shot and edited, coming as soon as they put it up on their site.

vince danger

this is in germany or some other gay place

i often forget that vince is good at skating, but he is.

recent stills

i filmed a little montage with billy, brian delatorre, and paul shier at tompkins square park, just need a little more footage to make a good edit.  got a couple lines of billy at the rooftop park.  i'm editing a thing for element right now, it'll be done soon.  basically, a lot of new parts coming soon, loyal pawns.  NOM NOM NOM


this is a pretty old story, but if you haven't heard it, it's pretty wild. and true. someone animated the scene over werner herzog's telling of it. one of my favorite directors and one of the craziest, best actors around meet in a very strange way.

my hip-hop picks of the week

just an average day with billy

VINCEs PICK OF THE WEEK: Brothers from another Subculture

This week I am presenting you with a surf video from my good friend, Austin Bordelon (he can be seen riding the board-cam and guitar stomping--my favorite part). Yes, I know this is a "skateboarding" blog but I can only see the similarities in a montage like this to what we do. I mean, it's a crew of dudes travelling the world, getting rad, doing what they love. And, most of all, this video just got me super hyped to go shred...

meow york

tonight i went to the nike/quartersnacks party. pretty rad, free beer and food, skate videos playing all night, a proper skate party. this week, apart form all the school stuff i have to do, we're going to try to get some filming in.

this is dante, at the now-deceased gainesville skatepark. it's raining right now in new york; that park would be mighty fine about now.

8 bad years

what if i told you that was made this year? greg hunt and kevin terpening made the video for jet black crayon. skateboarding!

okay you fuckers

so we're filming, okay? some stuff i can't put online, because it's going to be in some other, non-mandible claw stuff. but most of it is fine. but i can't make the video yet, because there's not quite enough to make a full part. so in the meantime i'm making some unseen (either deleted scenes on the DVD or completely unseen) footage stuff, and a night montage. so hold your horses, shit!

burning Qrayons

heard the freak show got canceled but we got to many crayons that need to be burnt

mandible kid

i found some pictures and videos of myself and will skating, close to 10 years ago. what's funny is that my style back then was probably better than it is now. those were the most fun days of my life--skating every day after school in the streets in front of our houses, making ramps out of scrap plywood, freaking out when someone landed a new trick. will was always really good, way better than everybody else at flat and ledges. look at the style on that back heel and nosegrind. will--get off your ass and go skate!

you guys have any evidence of yourselves skating when you were little kids? let's see em.


i skated around brooklyn by myself until 2 in the morning tonight, just cruising. tons of new spots to go back to. new videos soon.


burley barely barley

aaaaaaand we're back!

hey everybody, nice to be back.  well, yesterday and today i went out filming with taji ameen and billy.  some fun stuff, cool spots, asshole cops.  tomorrow we're going to try and shoot and film an element ad, we'll see how it goes.  bye meow!