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Mandi-book Claw

i know with the internet now a days books just are not realistic, but i picked this one up at the library and it's the best explanation of what skateboarding means in relation to capitalism, city life, and architecture i have encountered so far. Quite different then all the other skate books already available, this book was primarily influenced by the French sociologist Henry Lefebvre (a very rad dude). "People use space, and particularly boundary spaces of passage and encounter, to create their own social identity, and often do so through spaces of ritual and initiation."
The book is called 'Skateboarding, Space, and the City: Architecture and the Body' by Iain Borden

back to the future

mandible claw is trying to find itself a vx1000 with a mark 1 death lens.  anybody has one for sale, or knows somebody with one, let me know.  mandible claw 2!

skateboard art

click here for sculptures by Japanese artist Haroshi made with broken boards

Haroshi's site has some more of his works. the Mario series is a personal favorite.

this is right up your alley, colin

and the song is Vengaboys "We Like To Party" because i know you were going to ask


i like them

gainesville at it again

some good ol florida folk plan to have a mighty fun 9/11. CLICK

matt town-dible claw

matt makes some fucking crazy edits, and this might be his best one yet. it's awesome, thank matt!

sin summer from matt town on Vimeo.

prevent this tragedy

skating the pool at the chelsea piers park, i went down, cab ride to hospital. possible fracture of clavicle, torn muscles. orthopedic surgeon in 2 days. typing with one hand, in a sling. for those of you saying how much you wanted to be here, this should be of some consolation.

getting some, or, some to be gotten

this morning fogt and i had advil for breakfast and hit the streets. we got lots of footage for the trip video i'm making when fogt leaves, and fogt did one line so good that we're saving for mandible claw 2. we're heading back out tonight. love, MC

newark, delaware

flew into philly, met up with fogt, went to FDR. gnarliest place i've ever skated, by far. has to be seen to be believed. we both got broken off pretty hard; i don't know if i can skate (or walk) tomorrow. fogt gashed his hand open on some broken glass after looping out off the side of a ramp and doing a front flip. i slipped out in the bowl and mashed up my bad hip. the place is beserk.

we drove down to newark, where fogt lived and skated around for a few hours until fogt lost a wheel somehow. after a pit stop and a bar stop, we skated some more spots (still damp from today's rain) until fogt broke his board. a bad day for fogt's stuff.

tomorrow looks hopeful. if i can stand up.

vince's pick of the week: girls skating better than you

most notable is Leticia Bufoni, winner of this years Maloof tourney. Colin and I skated the SPoT bowl with her and her little brother. They both rip. In addition, she's gonna be a major babe when she gets older. That means that most likely MTV will give her her own tv show, skater dudes (and non skater dudes, alike) are gonna have the major hots for her, more chicks are going to accept skateboarding as a "radical" subculture, and skateboarding will reign supreme:

jimmy in paradise

jimmy put out basically a full part for a paradise wheels promo. there's a bunch of gainesville footage in there too. hell yeah!

Jimmy Lannon Paradise Wheels promo from paradise wheels on Vimeo.


sunday, philadelphia. meet with fogt to skate. make our way to new york. video evidence will be collected for prompt display.

apparently johan missed the beanie memo

it's like the cover to 'abbey road,' and instead of being the only one not wearing shoes, he's not wearing a beanie. i hope he's getting some of that gatorade money for this.

smooth operator

jerry fowler, for hopps, one of the best companies out.


creepy crawly

new project in the works (original content? on mandible claw?!?). if you know, you know. it'll be done soon.

5 days till NY

get psyched, this dude rules!


stevie wonder and EMB.

johan and andrew

mandible claw friends johan stuckey and andrew considine in the cosmic vomit bonus. i have a feeling johan's going to have a lot more footage in mandible claw 2 than in the first one.

nolan lee

also This Time Tomorrow really is an awesome video


we made an edit for steve spence in this years's SLAP one in a million contest. well, some of his footage turned up today in the honorable mentions montage, alongside some other ridiculously amazing skateboarding. there are some other mandi-claw friends in there too. how are none of these people unsponsored? SOUL skaters bro, SOUL SKATERS.


the new view

from my apartment. pic by jake.

this time tomorrow

this is one i will be purchasing. but if you're not purchasing, watch it anyway, full thing's right below.

Untitled from Mr X on Vimeo.

dante debose interviewed

the bossman himself got interviewed by the good folks over at WHATIT.BE. check it out, some good stories about flying out of cars and racist knife-fights.

also, i've added a link to the video to the right. click dat yo.

asian goddess

tom penny flipping his board and stuff. i need to skate more.