Vince's Pick of the Week: "Wizard on the Wheels"

This video makes me want to do 3 things:
  1. Skate
  2. Start a Skate-Punk Band
  3. Hate my Parents

fishing lines

new york has some great spots. gonna visit you up there whether you like it or not, smeagol.

my posts have been lacking for a while but i think this picture is really neat

tomorrow i head back to stuart and the very lovely lady who lives there. i keep saying "this is the last time i'll be in gainesville," and i keep coming back. so i'll most likely be back before NYC, is what i'm saying--i hate goodbyes and i'm a liar. i want to skate possum creek on my way out of town--how's early afternoon sound? suicidal, i know, but necessary. see you.


now i'm no Scott Kramer or Jason Henry, but i do have a camera that i like to play with. here are a few photos from the other day up at possum creek.

and mike is back on the board!


all i want to do is watch the Blueprint video again but this will have to do for now. skip ahead to around the 1:30 mark past the intro.

ricky oyola

conquering city blocks. the second line says it all. speed, power, skating.

lavar mcbride


mandible gone

here is today's pretty picture.

i left gainesville and am going to tropical paradise for a few days, but after that i'm coming back to do some final painting and cleaning on my apartment. today, jake ireland and i nailed down an apartment in williamsburg. but i'm still in florida for a while. let's have a big session at the park with everybody when i get back.

this video is from the philippines, which is where i'm from--luzon island. so, i want you all to watch this, and question things.


I'm unofficially (without Colin's approval) starting a new section of this blog that will last sporadically for a month until its simply forgotten:

Im not usually the one to know a lot about up-and-coming skaters or what video is dropping next month, or to post videos parts on this site, for that matter. But Gravette rips, and I like it when dudes just rip, because then no one can comment on the "gayness" of his tech tricks, or his style, or whatever.

by the sword

Mike V dropped off Element and is once again attempting to start a new skate company, this time it is called By The Sword. i feel that my good friend Jesse summed this up quite nicely -- "that doesn't seem like a wise financial choice"

new TF

auburndale, florida, next to a basketball court with a single small child awkwardly dribbling a faded basketball.

mandible claw: now for babies!

we've been working to expand into new demographics.

jake johnson

new footage from our collective favorite am.

Jake Johnson ! Ride Destructo from D3STRUCTO on Vimeo.


the curators of mandible claw are huge fans of arnold schwarzeneggar, so his first movie appearance in years is eagerly awaited. not to mention that everybody else that ruled in the 80s and 90s action movies are in it too. it's going to be a shitty, ridiculously violent action flick with no plot, and it's going to be awesome.

this graffiti was in a tunnel next to wheat fields in a rural town with nothing to skate

even the streets were cobble stone

five easy pieces

1. i've repainted and emptied my apartment
2. i leave tomorrow for stuart
3. i will come back next weekend
4. that will most likely be my final visit before new york
5. goodbye, goodbye

this is real life

this happened in gainesville the other day. it made me laugh really hard. only in florida.


hey--due to a delivery snafu, the DVDs are, a month late, finally in the new skate shop by the possum creek park. go buy some. get your friends to buy some. tell all the kids at the park to buy some. the shop has a bunch, so get the word out, fools.

and i just wanted to say, it's been a good ride, everybody. i'm finishing up my apartment to move out, and i'm leaving on monday. i'll most likely be back before i move up to new york, but if i don't see any of you before then--meow!


"So I'm rappelling down Mount Vesuvius when suddenly I slip, and I start to fall. Just falling, ahh ahh, I'll never forget the terror. When suddenly I realize "Holy *****, Hansel, haven't you been smoking Peyote for six straight days, and couldn't some of this maybe be in your head?" And it was. I was totally fine. I've never even been to Mount Vesuvius."

anyway, the world cup finals are a day away--but we're americans, so it doesn't really matter. the european element team just put out a new video online, and although i was skeptical going into it, i was pleasantly surprised. if anything, just watch the first part--skates fast, spots you've never seen, and some awesome skating.


more FESN

more from gou miyagi, the gonz of japan.


my favorite dudes. one day i will move to tokyo.


tonight, on the way to steve's place, a crazy bum on a skateboard yelled gibberish at us. we stopped. he had a teenager with him, who he said was his son. the bum offered us the board for five dollars--a K-mart board, plastic trucks, with SICK spelled across the deck. i declined. then he just put it through my window. for free, he said. then he changed his mind and demanded two dollars. so i gave it to him. he demanded fifty more cents; i handed it over. then he grinned and shouted more gibberish, which was apparently hilarious, from his son's reaction. we drove off. i wonder if he could ollie.


this gives me endless pleasure

seeing this in videos always makes me happy, because alex fogt wrote "cornhole," and we all know who it's about. by the way, the still is from an old donny barley mag minute on the skateboard mag's site, there's some good stuff on there.

happy 4th

going to vero tomorrow for the 4th, then gainesville. let's ride our skateboards around on the pavement up there.

this is a bit old, but ryan g made an edit for the theories of atlantis site, featuring a bunch of florida heads, including koki. check it.

Selfish Skateboards

so our favorite professional skateboarder/rapper/mushroom user has started a new board company and so far he's got Brian Wenning on the team with him. Chris Nieratko recently interviewed Jereme and Brian regarding their new endeavor.

mindfield bonus

watched Alien Workshop's Mindfield again recently -- this is Marquise's bonus/flow part that should've been included in the actual video