an explanation

i realized that some of you might not know a few things concerning the future of mandible claw. this website is going to be taking a drastic turn in the coming months, because i am moving to new york city for grad school. i'm coming back down to stuart in the next few days, and will be in gainesville soon, but in august i'll be here for keeps.

so--the main focus of this website will obviously shift toward new york. but mandible claw agent cornell ritter will be keeping us posted on all things gainesville, and vince will be reporting in from his adventures in germany. we're expanding a bit.

right now i'd like to formally welcome jake ireland to the mandible claw family--i'll be living with him in the fall, and i'm sure he'll be lending his motion graphics skills to whatever future projects are in store for mandible claw.

in the meantime, hit me up for a DVD, and i'll see everybody soon. over and out.