stuck in limbo

i'm trapped in winter haven until the weekend, but i'll be in gainesville by sunday, if all goes according to plan. until then, i'm going to start posting some of my favorite parts of all time, starting with jason lee from a visual sound.

in my top 5 skaters ever. the line at 1:50 with the back 180 to fakie manny and then 5-0...perfect trick selection. i hate dudes who do lines with really techy tricks, but the tricks don't make sense with one another. it's all about how it all comes together. jason lee understood this.


it's been down time for a while, but fuck that shit. mandible claw is back in action. mandible claw 2, coming soon: THE SEARCH FOR MANDIBLE CHIN.

get your panties off the floor, time to do some skateboarding!

PS new look for the site. like? hate? meh?

16 blockin

about to go skate downtown stuart with john and brandon. who knows, i might even bring along the camera (for the first time in months) in case we find something cool. gainesville soon. meow.

thanks stumbleupon

stumbleupon gave me this image while i was bored and wasting time on the internet

manny mania

woooo manuals!

the link above has some photos of recent manny mania events. and who happens to be present? Jimmy Lannon of course!

edit: here is the video as requested

jimmy jimmy jimmy

jimmy's part in the latest westside video. dope shit. good on ya, jimmy!


very anxious to see his Stay Gold part

street hawk

back when ramp skating died (the first time), tony hawk had to release a street part to stay with the game.


I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It's ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.

-Mike Tyson

hensley, immortal.

vincent alvarez

one of my two favorite ams. watch this video. fast as all hell, loose trucks, the right kind of out of control.

iraqi daiquiri

billy's in iraq! he's skating for the troops. who knows how he schemed his way into this one. check out the pictures on his blog (in the links).

dante, carlos, and matt

last part.

mandible claw, last part - dante debose, carlos jaramillo, and matt town from Colin Read on Vimeo.

an explanation

i realized that some of you might not know a few things concerning the future of mandible claw. this website is going to be taking a drastic turn in the coming months, because i am moving to new york city for grad school. i'm coming back down to stuart in the next few days, and will be in gainesville soon, but in august i'll be here for keeps.

so--the main focus of this website will obviously shift toward new york. but mandible claw agent cornell ritter will be keeping us posted on all things gainesville, and vince will be reporting in from his adventures in germany. we're expanding a bit.

right now i'd like to formally welcome jake ireland to the mandible claw family--i'll be living with him in the fall, and i'm sure he'll be lending his motion graphics skills to whatever future projects are in store for mandible claw.

in the meantime, hit me up for a DVD, and i'll see everybody soon. over and out.


skated the banks yesterday. the ledge on the bank is so damn hard to skate, jake and i worked our asses off to front 50-50 it, and i also got a front noseslide to fakie. some random goon shot a photo of jake's fifty and emailed it to us. found a bunch of other spots just skating around. we ran into the 561 crew, good times had. today while jake was at work i found this insane park on the hudson river, huge tranny all over the place, and a pool with 6 foot shallow, 13 feet deep. legit pool coping the whole way around. skated the pool for hours with some local rippers--dudes here can rip! tomorrow is a free dan deacon show. this is an adventure.

ny, ny

random pics. vice mag headquarters, jake the snake, bloody ollie holes, delivering red bull with billy, skyline.

JR has a message for you

poopy pants

new york in the morning. be back soon. meow.

skateboard squeeze

video is out!

so. the video is out. get some. email me at if you want a copy, or let me know in the comments. copies will also be at 561, the new shop in gainesville by the new park, phaze 1 in tally, at the woodward camp, and other assorted places. meowwww

fogt and friends

2nd to last part. it's been good, people. i'll be in gainesville tonight or tomorrow, with the DVDs. see you soon.

mandible claw part 10 - alex fogt and the rip n dip dudes from Colin Read on Vimeo.

lowcard - skirdoosh

these guys rule. i'd love to work for lowcard, it's the best mag out in print.

Skirdoosh from Steven Reeves on Vimeo.

jack the ripper

some random youtube dudes ripped jimmy's part and the spence bro's part to youtube.

from the comments on steve's part:

"@weskateuhate lakai, alien workshop, CREATURE closter dumbass you deserve to fucking die i swear im gonna find you and rip your adams apple out and fuck your mom in her asshole till she shits out her mouth get a fuckin life you worthless peice of shit"

i love youtube!

the parts

owner of the best fs air ever