some good mandible claw friends have a band called razortail, and it fucking rules. here's them playing at the autumn bowl. dudes are blowing up! brett land has more energy than a nuclear plant, so razortail is always a good time.

look at this fucking hipster

or, LATFH.com. such silly-looking, yet somehow vain, people. i was looking through it today, giggling to no end, when i found this mandible claw associate.

sorry, buddy. the internet calls it like it sees it.

antihero - two songs

a great little video from '01. cards, trujillo, stranger, tim upson, and brian seber. a warning--the audio is disabled on youtube, so just put on some music on itunes and let her rip.


yes! they're coming correct in uganda, look at this style!

new mandi-claw parts starting up again tomorrow.

darrell stanton

darrell follows up his appearance in the mandible claw video ("jimmy lannon") with a part in the new element vid. mellow. i like it.

trioDS from Boyan Demortier on Vimeo.


sorry, everybody, but i have to leave gainesville again today. a mandible claw associate, lia cary, was badly hurt while surfing today--her birthday--almost losing one of her eyes. i'm heading down to stuart to lend a hand.

i'll be back really soon, everybody.

real talk

uganda skateboarding. hell yeah. watch the whole thing, but the serious ripping starts at around 7 minutes in. these kids rule!

how rad is it that people are skating in places where the majority of roads are unpaved? i remember the footage of the ugandan park a few years ago, and kids were just rolling back and forth. but now they're doing 5-foot airs. i can't do that.

i want to get a box together to send to these guys--boards and shoes that are still good, trucks, maybe some skate videos, etc. anybody else want to help?

Kitintale from Yann Gross on Vimeo.

more ripping.

U.S.U. trailer '10 from Yann Gross on Vimeo.

the pillage!

i'm pumped--i got the new cover of the pillage! thanks joe, you rule. the pillage is always legit.

rodrigo peterson

form the new LRG video. you can skip the video's intro if you want and go straight to rodrigo--this part is killer.

i agree wholeheartedly

seriously, these guys are the truth. you can skip the whole party thing at the end, but this is hilarious and true. "i'd rather watch kareem climb a freaking fence."

pwbc - pwbc40 on muzu.tv

pwbc - pwbc34 on muzu.tv

billy rohan and the 561 crew

mandible claw part 6 - billy rohan and the 561 crew from Colin Read on Vimeo.

jake johnson

favorite am. i shouted out loud watching this clip.

Jake Johnson from lugo lugo on Vimeo.

levi brown

as it turns out, this element video is turning out to be pretty good. this part, i must admit, is pretty amazing. the song and editing are on point, which is bizarre for an element video (except for the intros, way too long).

so. levi brown, style for miles.

billy's excellent adventure

billy's in china right now, skating and generally doing awesome things. you can check out a bunch of pictures on his blog, it's in the links section. i don't really understand what's going on in a lot of the pictures--the architecture is insane! check it out.

and for those of you who haven't heard, billy's on element, and muska approved. the vid below has them talking, and some great footage.

6 years ago, this month

in an old mag. sheck-dog and slutzka, broing it up. my, how they've grown!

/private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/com.apple.PhotoBooth-T0x308480.tmp.LyYvNX/Photo 95.jpg

cover is finished!


whoa nelly

in the meantime, here's quim, always flowing.

just so you remember

the next part in the video is jimmy and koki's. next part coming soon.

mandible claw part 3 - jimmy lannon / koki loaiza from Colin Read on Vimeo.

shawn bowlus and the wonka factory

shawn bowlus and the wonka section (featuring chuey, matt town, jimmy lannon, dante debose, carlos jaramillo, and jonny rainey) in the mandible claw video!

mandible claw part 2 - shawn bowlus and the wonka factory from Colin Read on Vimeo.

new shit

one more time, gonna celebrate...

johan stuckey has officially switched teams from 'rip n dip' to 'slurp n durp.'

alex fogt, fellow slurp n durp team member.

slurp n durp, baby!

bowl shredding!

a camera on the bottom of a board, filming the back truck slashing the coping? fuck yeah!
fuck ledge-dancing and overused songs, this is what it's all about. skateboarding needs to die, so all that remains are the lifers and good, old-fashioned ripping.


Element is doing this Trio web-only video thing, three full parts from Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown and Darrell Stanton. First up is Chad. Always been a fan of his. There is a little ledge dancing, so you might want to close your eyes for those clips, Colin... sorry.

edit: i would have been way more stoked if it were chad muska instead

cornell edit: i knew you would say that. maybe they'll make a part 4 for him.

bloggin on up

i guess people do check the blog. i went to skatevideosite.com today and saw this on the right column on the front page.

next part coming in a day or two. see you then.

intro and steve / james spence

part one of the mandible claw video!

mandible claw part 1 - intro / steve and james spence from Colin Read on Vimeo.

intro and first part going up now.

hopefully on the blog by tonight.

actually, scratch that--

instead, i'll be putting up one part at a time, every few days, and when it's all done i'll put up the whole thing. otay?

the suspense!

in the spirit of the holidays

the full video will be online within a few days. no bonus features, though, those are only on the DVD--though i don't know why you wouldn't buy the video, it's only 7 bucks, that's the price of a sandwich. anyway--you're welcome!

this is some new footage of louie barletta and friends (louie's at the end). i know some people don't like the whimsical stuff, but louie fucking rules. he has more fun than you.

DVD status

so. this is taking way too damn long. supposedly fogt has finished the art, and is giving it to me tomorrow. so this is what's happening.

i'm going to take the art, size it for the DVD label, and send it out to a company to print the illustrations on blank DVDs (no replication company will touch the video because of obvious copyright infringements). when i get those back, i'm going to head to the UF campus and use the equipment there to copy the DVDs. i'm ordering 200 of them. that sound right for a first run, do you think? for the cases, i'm ordering blank cases and printing out the inserts myself, again at UF.

so. 200 DVDs. the tweaked (improved) video, plus over 30 minutes of bonus features. the reason it's taken so long has been the bonus stuff and the artwork, and the packaging stuff--DVD labels, cases, illustrations. it all takes time, and more than that, this shit takes money. nevertheless, the DVDs will be on sale for 7 or 8 dollars, and less for shops that buy multiple copies. soon!

getting old

this guy knows what skateboarding is all about. i'll be happy if i can do this when i'm half his age.

my phone was stolen

at the park two days ago. i'll get a new one on monday hopefully, but for now, i'm off the grid.

i'll be in stuart early next week. back in gainesville next weekend, possibly. see you meow.

travis erickson

here's a great part from santa cruz's newest shredder. he skates fast, pops high, and finds cool lines in the bay area. he uses curb cuts to their full extent, something that people have been ignoring lately. i hope to see more soon from this guy.

roger's back

it was only a matter of time.