chicken cow

there was a post about this maybe two years ago, but there wasn't a youtube link available for it. so now, here you go. corpsey from the hall of meat video.

top speed

max von arnem. san fran. the new rasa libre.

Rasa Libre Introduces Max Van Arnem... from Rasa Libre on Vimeo.

what to expect in the next few weeks

i'm graduating on saturday. send me your checks, bitches.

but back to the point--the DVD will be coming out soon, as i said. but before that, to keep you occupied, there will a point-and-shoot edit from our tally trip, which vince is going to edit. i'll post more parts online as time goes on.

for the bonus section of the DVD, there's a new overseas edit, a 16-minute long unused footage montage, the original mandible claw berrics edit, alternative edits, and a scotty kramer video (scott, the sooner you make that, the better--i want these fucking DVDs out as soon as fogt finishes the artwork). the video itself has a few changes since the big showing--shawn will have a different song than the one used at the premiere, specifically. to the shops that have requested copies, i'll let you know as soon as they're printed.

the DVDs will be on sale for $_.__. what i mean is--how much do you think it should be? i'm open to input, but don't be a cheapskate, you fuckers. see you in the comment box.

alien workshop 1998

this part is fucking sick. 7 minutes or OG workshop riders in an old 411 industry section. got me hyped.

i found this on manny's rips, where a guy is putting old parts from VHS tapes online. good work, manny.

DVD out as soon as fogt finishes the cover art. the end is near--sorry for the wait, folks.


found this while flipping through a Lowcard magazine at work


here's a video of the new lakai guys. watch it because of vincent alvarez--he's one of my favorites. you have to wade through the flip trickery of the other new ams--dan espinosa and riley hawk--but i'm sure a lot of you guys are stoked on them anyway. oh, raven tershay has some amazing clips in this too.

get hyped

love the line at 0:46


fogt's been telling me about this for a long time. the rip n' dip guys have another great montage. it's funny as hell and has some amazing skating. the last skit is hilarious.

status update:

i know a lot of you are waiting on the DVDs. i wanted to have them out by now, although that hasn't been possible. but the master files are ready to be burned. am waiting on DVD labels, etc. see you soon.


street as fuck. even though he does do a few park tricks in this. but anyway, he skates fast, pops high, and skates to busta. enough said. from the zoo york glory days. the last trick is one of my favorite all-time enders.

again with the 360 flip

sorry if i'm beating a dead horse. but this one is unforgivable. cody mcentire, switch 3 flip fakie.

come on, bennett, throw away the chickenshit gun

"This Green Beret's gonna kick your big ass"
"I eat Green Berets for breakfast, and right now, I'm very hungry."

i share this fear

ian gow

fucking ripping.

koki is elevated

if you were at the premier, you saw this. this man knows how to skateboard; i'm glad he's on his way to getting hooked up. ladies and gents, koki loaiza.

JR, PMP, nikki breeze, watch me

once again, jereme has outdone himself. he come through in a big way at the 1:24 mark. uh uh uh-uh.

i graduate in 3 weeks.

here's the deal:

first 3 people to comment get a free copy of the DVD. up and at em!

(and leave a last name or email address. i'm talking to whoever johnny is.)

jimmy / koki

in the mandible claw video. on sale next week.

jimmy lannon / koki loaiza in MANDIBLE CLAW from Colin Read on Vimeo.

this dude is better than you

and 2 feet shorter


cabbing picnic tables when you were in diapers.

in other news, i'm working on my thesis right now, but it's due on friday, so the video will be done this weekend for DVDs. i'll put a part or two on the youtube as well.

gino - trilogy

as good as it gets.

gonz month

SLAP is holding it down as one of the best mags out, and online, at that. every article it comes out with comes correct.

this month is SLAP's gonz month. new gonz art every day of april. check it.



fat bill again

photographic evidence

sorry colin

i know i'm on posting-probation but this seemed like something everyone might want to check out. please don't fire me.

this is the new possum creek skatepark that is being built in gville. construction has started. supposed to be done by the end of april. this april, not the next one.

i'm very glad i'm returning home

not exactly new York

really wish he hadn't fucked up his knee


a lot of people, apparently including cory, don't realize that mike actually did come back from his knee injury, and has been ripping. this video,, turf's up, came out in '08, and mike york had this full part. it was a precursor to today's retarded "5-0 to switch crook" phase--you how how in every new part there seems to be a bunch of these dumb, ugly combos tricks? well, i mostly blame marc johnson and the rest of fully flared, but mike york started this shit full-tilt in this part. way ahead of the curve (albeit a stupid curve).

Mike York - TURF's Up from TURFglobal on Vimeo.

another note--cory, let me handle the posts for a while.

dear, colin:

i can see where the assumption would come from, but i actually did know that he had been doing other stuff. still don't want anyone to hurt their knee.

as for the posts -- go for it, boss. i got websites to make.