weekly update

sorry i've been sleeping on the blog, i've been busy with the video, which is still a long long way from completion. but it'll be done, don't worry. today steve spence pretty much finished his part. huzzah! only a couple people need more tricks--you know who you are. this week might well be that last week of filming, so call me, kids. time's up.

i've seen colin throw down on the zipzinger

david clark's got nothing on smeagol-boarding but that last kickflip is pretty large


if you were unaware, DC has been working on a video project called Skateboarding Is Forever which involves online releases of parts from current riders. Marquise Henry and Matt Miller have had parts out for a little while and just recently Greg Myers had his part released. do yourself a favor and at least watch Marquise's part.

strongest of the strange

scott bourne, aka black arm. i'm basically taking up the slack for fogt's skate part blog. and cory seems to be on a posting spree--3 posts today! way to go, corn fritter.

filming is wrapping up

and colin is not amused

but you better believe steve is

diggin' the body varials

not so much the song though

COLIN'S EDIT: i want to remind everyone that this blog has 3 writers. what i'm trying to say is: i'm not responsible for this post.

Response from Cornell: not a fan of Powell, colin? i know the song is sucky but the skating is... fun?!


as stylish as it gets.

box sesh!


video update

the spence bro part is almost done. jimmy's part is done. my part is done. the last part is almost done. steve cock and friends' part is done. ODB, mariah carey, punk rock, french romance. see you soon.

repost (japan)

i'm reposting this because the first time, the video was taken down really soon, and a lot of people didn't get to see it. it's definitely worth a second watch, anyway. here it is.

it's clobbering time

today fogt thought it would be funny to punch me square in the face while i was filming him. mouth full of blood, etc. but the best part was later, asking, where are my glasses? we watched the footage, and saw my glasses flying 20 feet away into a pond. but pat was a good sport and got them for me. thanks pat!

mandible fogt

(and steve)

night sessions.

people getting some good stuff the last 2 nights: shawn, matt, koki, the legend, fogt, tallahassee pat, viera shane. more tomorrow. sleep tight america.


i watched this after watching the previous lurk related post. the legend makes an appearance. miles is pretty nifty on a skateboard too.

taken from jerry hsu's blog

oh j-rog you make me :(


i want to take a minute to thank neil and nick, the guys behind elevated engineering. they're the ones taking the time and effort to make up the mandi-claw shirts and coozies, and we're having the after-party with them. the party is a joint mandi-claw celebration and a release party for their clothing line. they're the masterminds behind this whole collaboration. they're cool dudes with some great designs that'll be seen soon on shirts near you. get some.

elevated engineering


word on the street is that a new lurknasty video is coming soon. for now, enjoy this. RIP toxic spot.


budweiser is sponsoring the after-party. limited run of mandible claw shirts. everyone who goes to the premiere gets a mandi-claw coozie. two showings back to back at the hippodrome; probably 3 dollar tickets per show.

so reserve your tickets now. seriously. call me, i'll out you on the list. come clean, y'all.


happy valentine's day

filming is temporarily on hold, since i spent yesterday in the hospital with a bad sinus infection. looking at the computer screen hurts my eyes. gotta go.

PS if erik or steve want to borrow the camera, it's all you, boys. come get it.

PPS percocet is a hell of a drug, holy shit. #1 fan


the mandible claw video will be premiering at 10 PM on friday, march 26th, at the hippodrome state theater in gainesville. collabo/afterparty with elevated engineering clothing.

be there.


if i were good enough to be sponsored, traffic is one of the companies i'd want to be with. oh, dreams....

ttt from kajtek on Vimeo.


give them to me. serious, weird, electro, country, who gives a shit. give me some suggestions and we'll work from there. the video premieres next month!

night crawlers

tonight was yet another good skate session. and of course what i mean by that is this: although every night we go out skating is a blast, sometimes the camera catches some amazing tricks. as the video is wrapping up, people seem to be hyped on getting as much footage as they can. i've been pushing every goofy skater to try this one line for a while, and tonight koki did it--i'm always pumped on long lines at night. my favorite thing to watch in skate videos, period. and thankfully koki, dante, matty, and carlos have been coming through with the goods. erik got a big ollie, and jonny came through with some hihg-speed manual trickery. good looks!

a skate park?

no! a skate part


the video is wrapping up soon! if anyone has any footage they want to give, let me know. anyone who isn't even in the video yet, just say the word, send me some clips, we'll fit you in. let's wrap this shit up, son. teak, scott, anybody, if you have some footage you want to spare, send it over--i promise it won't go to waste.

he's goofy footed also

sick christ air in the background

Meow Alert:

EDIT!!!: solicitation is lame


my new bulb came in, and last night we pushed around downtown for a few hours: me, shawn, steve spence, dante, carlos, luis, and matt miltner even came along. we had a great time, an ice cream lady came out and gave us free samples. but in the end it was dante who came through with 4 clips, 3 of them really good, and one of them amazing. he got the best line i've ever filmed in my life--pushing across the street, 40 seconds long, altogether incredible. good work, sir--and all this after getting a heel bruise and stuffing his shoe with carlos's custom insoles. teamwork!

s. kramer photo.


in my head it's like doc brown is saying it

EDIT: also, guru khalsa just went pro for habitat. there's a great new part of him at the link. CLICK


never forget. every day i wait for a chomp 2. "it's the mystery water!"

jamie's best part ever.


koki has an interview up over at whatit.be. check it out, and start the hype for fully flailed, coming sooner rather than later. koki's going to have a great part--he's been landing some gainesville NBDs lately.

bewail the flail!


this is also up on whatit.be, watch this shit. 561. brad and brandon.