an appeal

"READ,WILLIAM C" Add to address book
Date: Thu Jan 14 03:40:32 EST 2010
Subject: Regarding our YouNited Nations entry.

Dear Mr. Berra,

I am writing you in response to your recent unveiling of the final 17 of the YouNited Nations videos. Mr. Berra, I believe you may have made an unwitting error; for, upon reading the list, I saw that the Mandible Claw video was not included. At first, I was quite surprised. Shocked, even. Perhaps a bit offended.
However, I soon realized what must have occurred: why, you must not have watched our video! Of course, I thought, that must be the answer. I deliberated on how this might have occurred. Our video was submitted online, via YouSendIt; perhaps the email didn't go through. Or: it was caught it the spam filter! Ah, I thought, now that I've discovered the mistake, I must bring it to Mr. Berra's attention.

So here we are. Mr. Berra, I humbly invite you to watch our video, the Mandible Claw edit for your contest. I believe that you will realize what you have so regrettably missed during the selection of your finalists.

Here is the link to the vimeo of the edit, which I uploaded yesterday.

Thank you.

Mandible Claw