beastman beastman

peep the header photograph.

thanks to dante debose.

it's okay now, just some scratches, i rubbed the worst of it out.

new light bulb for the cam light coming in next week. mandible claw, out.

frontside 5-0

just kidding. switch front nosegrind to end a line, dante.

some jimmy.

i think i'm turning japanese

shinpei ueno, an soulmate of gou miyagi. absolutely amazing. the dude makes bobby puleo look slow-footed.

the girl park

this is why i love crailtap. a great watch.


so i got hit by a car today

while riding my bike. it was pretty crazy. when i saw the car coming, i just thought, "oh, this guy's going to hit me, huh," and i went flying. i'm okay, just really sore and cut up. it could have been way worse. my bike is messed up; the dude who hit me is a dirty fiestie-kinda guy, broke, of course, but if push comes to shove he's gonna pay for this. it's more annoying than anything.


shit's got pop

heavy shit

j. henry went to haiti to document the hell going on down there. check out the article.


warhol's workshop

new Alien Workshop/Andy Warhol Foundation deck collaboration. diggin' it!

koki loaiza

has a full part in fully flailed.

there's some jimmy in there too.

matt started out as wanting to have just a few tricks in the video, but now he has a full minute of edited footage. matt+dante+carlos+jazz=hell yeah.

this is me sniffing matt's butt.


colin will dig the brian anderson video for sure since muska made the beat. and also if you haven't been to the a/v skate club recently, you should check it out (the ray barbee video is great). if there were member cards available i would have one in my wallet.

james's new nickname is "big cat" or "catface"

for obvious reasons.

today 8 or so of us skated around downtown all afternoon. koki came through with 5 really good clips. steve got something, and james got a line with this ollie. he landed this one, fully bonked. yes, he landed it again better.

koki, killing it.

vince got 3 whimsical clips today too. sorry, teak.

rounds one through three

i watched rodney's round 1-3 parts as well. i think daewon got the win.

i love 4chan

because most people have no idea what the fuck is going on. actually you probably don't either. never ever go to 4chan. they are mischievous fuckers who are responsible for every internet meme ever. lolcats? yup. rickrolls? yes again. seriously, every stupid internet fad, they made it. and they fuck with EVERYONE. and people take it seriously. or should i say: srsly.

git r done!

fisherman dave came out with us tonight and got a great clip. quick-footed and a big ollie. yeah dave!

carlos got two tricks tonight, too. lately he's been wearing a 70s cop mustache. in other news, last night we were out skating with steve cock while he was in town for a bit (he's back from barca) and he got a clip in near-dark, as did matty b. matt got another quick, stylish trick at an old spot that's recently un-skatestopped, but just barely--you still have to ride on a ledge that is made barely 8 inches wide by the thousand skatestoppers covering it. oh well. good work, matt.

the 1970s

what the shit.
Karate Vs Bear - The best home videos are here
thanks to brayden for this!

sorry guys

i've been blowing it on the blog front. just a bunch of shit i've found on the internet. so while i can't post new footage yet, i'll do other stuff that involves a bit more thinking and maybe will get some of you to check out some rad stuff.

apart from being a skate nerd i'm also a real-life nerd, and a film nerd. so this week's MANDIBLE CLAW ACTOR OF THE WEEK is...

toshiro mifune!

if you know you know. dude was one bad motherfucker, and the best japanese actor of his era. watch pretty much anything by akira kurosawa and he'll be holding it down.

any other mandi-claw posts you'd like to see?

matt rodriguez

mandi claw favorite with some great new footage.

nic cage is AWESOME

real life skateboarding coming soon, i promise

BB gun

Brian Botelho's part from Rasa Libre's Essence of Freedom

arto saari

out of the videos that have come out since i started skating, the first flip video was on of the first big heavy-hitters. i just want to remind you all of this part, which i still think is one of the most memorable parts of the past 10 years. penny and then arto... the music, everything. a great, great skate part.

thanks teak!

i ordered some new kicks from 561 this week. i suggest you do the same, ya dig?


better style than you

fucking killing it

hell fooking yes

this movie looks amazing. i'm not even being sarcastic. this looks like it could be one of the first good skate movies ever.

an appeal

"READ,WILLIAM C" Add to address book
Date: Thu Jan 14 03:40:32 EST 2010
Subject: Regarding our YouNited Nations entry.

Dear Mr. Berra,

I am writing you in response to your recent unveiling of the final 17 of the YouNited Nations videos. Mr. Berra, I believe you may have made an unwitting error; for, upon reading the list, I saw that the Mandible Claw video was not included. At first, I was quite surprised. Shocked, even. Perhaps a bit offended.
However, I soon realized what must have occurred: why, you must not have watched our video! Of course, I thought, that must be the answer. I deliberated on how this might have occurred. Our video was submitted online, via YouSendIt; perhaps the email didn't go through. Or: it was caught it the spam filter! Ah, I thought, now that I've discovered the mistake, I must bring it to Mr. Berra's attention.

So here we are. Mr. Berra, I humbly invite you to watch our video, the Mandible Claw edit for your contest. I believe that you will realize what you have so regrettably missed during the selection of your finalists.

Here is the link to the vimeo of the edit, which I uploaded yesterday.

Thank you.

Mandible Claw

the wait is over

the berrics didn't let us win. so here you are.

MANDIBLE CLAW from Colin Read on Vimeo.


tonight's gonna be a good night

erik and steve bro got some tricks today. we found this weird diamond-plated basement door grindy thing in between grass gaps. and steve got a line we've been trying to get for months. phew!


john motta

motta is from the desert. people out there are strange; all that sunlight bakes their brains. there are some weird tricks in here, and a flatground half-cab that you'll watch over and over. this is one of the craziest parts i've seen in a long time; watch the whole part, it gets bizarre.


matt and erik stacking.

with the new year comes new spots! we took a few hours and dipped down to ocala. the last phase of filming for the video has begun, and it's more fun than ever.

matt is collecting quite a few sick clips. his part is going to turn out really well, and one of the the reasons why is that every single clip he's gotten so far has been at night, except for the backside grinder above, which was at dusk and using the camera light anyway. east coast!

a man of many talents

and lucky for us one of them is skateboarding


the line at 2:00 is one of the best lines of all time. (read that as if kanye west were saying it.)

BOOM headshot

steven can ollie.

chicken cow

watch it.

danny w.

dyrdek does it again

mandible claw is back

new park montage with billy rohan and sean conover coming tomorrow. in the meantime, look at this backside flip and steve's face connect. damn!

ftk does not remember which photos they've printed before.

which is good for shawn bowlus! go shawn!

kevin coakley

a cool part. coakley is going to have a part in the blueprint video, which i've been waiting for ever since their last video, "lost and found." if you haven't seen it, go find it. but anyway, coakley is rad because he's about the opposite of today's standard: cali kids doing smith kickflips and skating the same old spots and grinding plastic picnic benches. fuck those guys. i know a lot of you think i'm a crotchety old man, which may be true. but anyway--watch the part, get stoked.


back in gainesville on monday. see you there.