damn it, man,

i wish i was better at skateboarding.


alex fogt is a mad scientist. i was going to make a post talking about the trick he was trying tonight, but i'm not going to say what it was. i'm going to save it, one, because he hasn't actually landed it yet, and two, it's going to be a surprise in the video to blow all your minds. it's my favorite trick that i've filmed for the whole video.
he landed on a dozen of them, and even rode away once, but his foot came off for a millisecond.

he tried it for an hour, jumping down a 7-stair over and over, and by the end broke his tail and his nose. finally, he had to walk away, but we're going to go back and get it.

any guesses what the trick was? and teak and jake can't guess, because they were there.