xmas day

today, fogt and i managed to get out there and film a little. i'm still super sore, but i can at least hold a camera and push around. fogt got a 50-50 he's had his eye on for 8 years, and did an awesome line at another spot, but i full on fell off my board halfway through a trick, ruining it. sorry, fogt!!!! we'll get it again soon!

also, watch this part of rich adler. it's one of the best parts i've seen in months.

christmas video

ho ho ho

xmas throwaway from Colin Read on Vimeo.

to dante and matty b:

i'm editing your parts right now, and it's coming together very, very well. seriously, well done, chaps. but we need a lot more footage to finish it, so to you two: let's get out there when i get back, and make it as dope as it can be.

PS matt has insane ledge skills. he pulled an arto and nailed down two amazing lines frontside and backside.