die, 360 flips, DIE!!!!!

and pretty much this whole "steeze" thing. it's time we retire the word, kill the unnecessary little flares we do on tricks, and blow up a certain indoor skatepark. NOOO, NICK JENSEN, WHY?????? you're one of my favorites! why, oh why have you jumped on the flamingo flip bandwagon?

this is pretty ridiculous. why? because it's so against his whole style. he has this peculiar little style where he keeps his feet close together on his flips, and doesn't flare out his feet at all. watch him do a kickflip, you'll see what i mean--he just flicks the toe and catches it with both feet, poppy and flat-footed. but this is retarded. he used to do 360 flips proper and caught. now he rides away on one foot. this is one of the worst trends ever. almost worse than the D3.

and then there's the trick tip section on the berrics. they show examples of tricks for kids to copy. well, now they're telling kids that this is the right way to do nollies:

i don't know about you, but that video made me cringe. kenny reed is the only person allowed to do this, and he doesn't actually do it in street, he just does it in that one spot in static 2. but anyway. there's not much cooler than a really high nollie. but this is too much. it's this recent "steeze" fad--trying to poke your tricks out as far as possible. it's the same mindset that brought about the flamingo flip. why can't you just do your trick, natural? they should have picked alex carolino to do this one. but really, i'm glad he keeps away from the berrics, he's one of the few ams actually trying to come up on street nowadays instead of jumping on this exposure machine.

so from now on, we're gonna see kids at skateparks doing nollies and jerking them backwards like idiots. trust me--just wait for it. in a few months all the kids will be jamming their knees together on nollies. you'll see.

PS steve berra, please let us go to the berrics! that ground looks so fun to powerslide!

PPS i really hope borra doesn't come across this blog.

PPPS and before you call me a hypocrite, yes, i visit the berrics site. the skating is mostly good, and the battle of the berrics is great. i like skate footage as much as the next guy. so there. eat me.

PPPPS when you say the letter "p" twice in a row it makes me giggle.