the holidays!

well, the christmas vacation got off to a great start!

just kidding. today i was working on building a new retaining wall with my dad when the steep sand bank i was standing on gave out and i fell off the bank and down into the pit. i smashed my face against a post, then landed on my side on the cross bars. at first i thought i'd shattered my cheekbone, because the whole side of my face went numb. i rolled down the bank to the bottom of the mangroves, and couldn't get up because i couldn't move my right arm. my dad helped me back up the bank, and then i passed out from the pain in my side. i could barely breathe, it felt like there was a knife in my ribs.

well, i went to the hospital, got x-rays and a CAT scan, and some percocet to boot! good news--my ribs aren't broken! they're just severely contused and bruised, and no concussion or anything, just neck and face pain. i'll post a pic up later.

so i guess that means i won't be skating. AG! i'll try to skate as soon as i can!

PS barrier cult!!!

thought this was pretty cool

but i could always be wrong


in stuart. call me.