mandible claw / fully flailed

editing bits and pieces. various segments and transitions. it's really hard to keep the thing non-serious while at the same time trying to make it really good. basically, i'm trying to combine the tilt mode videos, photosynthesis, fully flared, a home-town shop video, barney and friends, mr. rogers' neighborhood, welcome to hell, welcome to heaven, john cardiel, nate sherwood, box car derbies, voyeur cinema, man ray, pokemon, and some japanese kitten memorabilia. i think it's going well.

which one of these is true?

1: steven Seagal is a recognized Tulku--a Buddhist holy man who reincarnates repeatedly by choice; presumably if you kill him, he can choose to come back as a grizzly bear that hungers only for vengeance.

2: steven seagal is not only a deputy sheriff in his hometown of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana; he's also on the SWAT Team and is responsible for their training.

answer is in the comments.

PS, this is also him: