mandible claw marches on city hall

gainesville skateboarding won a big one the other day. so as many of you know, there has been a plan in the works for a new park at possum creek, cement, plaza-style, with a bowl. it's been promised for over ten years. but now, the neighborhood next to the park all signed a petition saying they want the plans to be shut down--fears of noise, added crime, destroyed habitat, taking away existing park space from other, team-sport-playing children.

there was a vote at city hall last week, with the mayor, the various city councilmen, etc. the bill was read, lawyers spoke, and then the public could come and state their case. people from the neighborhood came and urged their case against the skatepark. then, erik, shawn, and i gave speeches, josh from the park spoke, and a skate-dad did too. i quoted some stats i knew off the top of my head, the skate-dad's kid played the pity card, and even a cop came up and told how skateparks, and skateboarding as a whole, don't have any added elements crime. in the end, the council voted, and we won. huzzah!

so in a year or two, come on up, the new park should be great.