scotty kramer

this morning we met up with scott and tried to find some new spots. we were successful. scott put down the photo camera and picked up the video one and shot this footage. erik, grind up and slide down, and me, 50-50 around the corner.


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peep this

the old zoo video, peep this, is amazing, one of my favorites. but the sound editing in it is pretty unique. during all the parts, the sound of the skating is at a solid volume when the boards are popping or landing or grinding, but before the pop and after the land, the sound of skating is faded out, leaving just the music. they just let you enjoy the smooth jazz, or hip-hop, or whatever song is on (they're all good). it's funny, in some lines you can see where they forgot to amp up the sound for a trick, and a 3 flip in the middle of a line will be completely silent. i kind of like it.