i feel good

to be posting something of my own instead of reposting some other dumb shit i found on the internet. go me! this is me, filming myself. one-foot ollie.

other news

shawn, boardslide through the slats, and erik, slam of the month.

(shawn had been awake for 48 hours at the time i shot this. a little while afterward, skating the spot in the post below, he just sort of shut down. good work, soldier.)


erik got 2 great lines at a new over-knee high ledge and manual spot. good looks, boy.

look at the front foot in the 2nd picture (180 switch manny). it's got some serious louie barletta thing going on, sticking out sideways, holding to that sucker. notice also, in that still, how grainy it is. my fault. it's not like that in the actual footage, i just messed something up in the editing. carry on.


fully flailed trailer #176 from Colin Read on Vimeo.