new stuff

okay, meow. new videos coming this weekend. promise. i have them made, but there's the exporting, the uploading... i'm like a junkie, jobs with more than 3 steps are just way over my head.


i really hope nobody deletes this.


in my classes i meet way too many "artists" who take avant-garde film and and their own filmmaking way too seriously. the people who made this video must agree with me.

fat bill

one of the best videos yet. black and white as usual, jake johnson as usual. anything from reese forbes is always great, and alex olson has some crazy clips in there too. and oh yeah, reese forbes has does what might be the gnarliest ollie of all time, over a handrail. OVER a handrail. you'll see what i mean.

{stolen from teak}

bad news bears

i am having a bad two weeks. last week, i hurt my knee really bad. i got to skate for one day, and then i got the flu, and then i got a horrible crick in my neck, and then i cut peppers and went pee and my penis felt like it was on fire. so i'm sick, i can't move my neck, and my weiner hurts.

enough!!!! i get the idea already!!!!! i'm supposed to work harder on fully flailed, i get it, just leave me alone!!!