dance revolution

our party was just like this.

Best Break Dancers Of All Time - Watch more Funny Videos


with slap's OIAM contest starting, i hope el vortex is in it again. best masked skater of all time.

it's how i want to pray, it's how i want to live my life, play the bloody knuckles, everything.

happy b-day to meeeee

for those of you who came out tonight, it was an amazing time. people had some great costumes: my dog dudley, john lennon and yoko, a goth, a man-lady, an indian (the bow-and-arrow kind), a moustachioed construction worker (who opened his beers with a wrench), and a very, very creepy grown baby-lady. dante, your piggy-back rides hurt my thighs. we showed the berrics video there, to great applause and multiple encores, followed by an endless dance party.

anywho. more berrics reporting: pudwill vs. gonzales was the best game so far. torey pudwill pops every trick over knee high. gigantic.

in other news, it's 4 a.m., and i'm tired. night.