While Colin has been working on the final release of "Fully Flailed," whether some of you knew it or not, I've been working behind the scenes on my own part. Nonetheless, I work for the greater good of the Mandi-Claw, Blog, and its associates, but still, most would consider me the MAGIC MAKER. That's why my part in the video contains these key features:

1) a 20 minute total run-time
2) 6 song accompaniment
3) no bangers, bangerz (there's a difference), or "hard-hitters"
4) an "extras" cue (Blue-Ray version only) which takes you straight to my behind the scenes footage
5) another "extras" cue (HDDVD version only) which takes you to a completely slo-mo'ed version of my part
6) yet another "extras" cue (LASER DISC version only) which takes you straight back to 1993
and last but not least,
7) a full frontal shot of my naked wang

I'm sure you will all enjoy.


p.s. In typical Mandi-blog fashion, here's the proof:


i swear to you that by 1:22 you will be laughing your ass off.

oh mr. berra, thank you for this gem.

it's almost as good as this: