trailer for the final video--the final flail, dare i say?--coming in the morning.

all the homies!

random but awesome. koki and chimmy--and john--featured on the transworld site. go d00ds

last day!

tomorrow night is my last night here.  so--we're skating.  got it (i'm talking to you, mr. leasor)?

simply amazing

this will make your day better

berrics lurkage

once again, reporting on the internet slum that is the berrics.  i like these games of skate.

i was pumped that the stereo ad used the seeds for benny fairfax's song.  all of those have been awesome (except for turdface josiah's).  i was not pumped that greg lutzka skated 3 miles and hour and won.  (although even i will give him his dues for that front 360 kickflip.  3 times in a row?)