awesome comic.  i can't figure out what it possibly means, but whatever.

rant #617

the coverage of the dew tour makes me want to throw up, and no, not because i'm mad about the commercialization of skating, or about getting away from street, or anything like that...

reason 1:  the footage is mostly shot by chris ray, whose filming makes me die a little inside.  after every single shot, he whips the camera down to the ground, or into the sky, or basically anywhere off the skating.  i mean, dude--i'm not even a very good filmer.  but get that shit under control.  these guys--chris ray, jason hernandez, all those fuckers--they take their filming overboard.  they try to make EVERYTHING artsy; why not just show the skating, huh?  bleck.

reason 2:  have you seen the fake graffiti all over the park obstacles?  really, who are they trying to fool?

reason 3:  tonight i watched 2 minutes of someone skating before i realized it wasn't actually scheckler, who i thought i was watching, but chaz ortiz.  the kid is a sheckler-clone sent back in time to replace ryan with a more ethnically-diverse version.

reason 4:  okay, i lied.  fuck the contest tour.

one thing that was bad ass: adam dyet, who i don't even like at all, did a crazy rodeo flip from a giant vert wall into a bank.  he was upside-down!  he just gained a lot of points in my book.