transworld skateboarding--a look back

i've been looking through all my old magazines, and pulled out the transworld for january of 03, meaning it was released in november of 02.  the transworlds back then were as big as novels.

i'm not kidding.

looking back, it's funny to see what things have changed:


and what things will never change.

all hail!
for those saying "pappalardo has changed recently!"
this is 7 years ago.  back tail in new york.
nate jones's style is impeccable.

keenan, RIP.

so yeah.  time weeds out those who can't cut it.  there were plenty of ads with pat rakestraw, anthony mosely, chet thomas, ragdoll, etc.  meanwhile, there's a picture of carroll doing a feeble that could have been taken yesterday.  some dudes just have it; some styles are timeless.  like mandible claw.