dear mr. cool,

please be my new best friend.

fully flailed

the editing is getting silly.  i'm done with serious.  this is way more fun.

don't worry, we've been skating too.

i'm here for about a week more, and then i'm headed up to gainesville.  so fogt, will, teak, etc., let's get shit done!  gainesvillains: see you soon, everybody!


okay, guys, new contest.  this is a good one, and i want a bunch of entries.  what i want to see is the worst video part of all time.

that's a good example of what i'm looking for.  track pants, ghost-motion, ollieing over a DJ... huh?

let's get this going.  post your entry in the comments, and if possible, attach the link to the clip, if it's youtube or whatnot.  i don't know the prize yet, but i'll keep you posted.


mandible ghost

by alex fogt.  "you can't kill me, i'm already dead!"