hulk smash!

found something!

this is stolen from scotty's page.  cj is apparently really good at skating, huh?  he's grown from a quiet young ripper to a quiet slightly older ripper.  he makes me feel really old, even though i'm probably only a few years older than him.

but just you wait, fully flailed is gonna drop before the year is over, and hopefully we'll have some good stuff in there for you.  the problem is, we have way too much fun skateboarding, and don't really go on missions to spots--we just mob around, filming whatever.  luckily, the dudes are talented chaps, and i'm there with a wobbly camera right behind them.  who knows, i might even have a little stockpile of footage myself.

so yeah.  viera dudes, you're all good by me.  come to gainesville soon, we'll do what we do.


baker/deathwish is what's wrong with skateboarding.  (or at least a big part of it.)  go away, please.

in other, non-hating news... never mind, i don't have any.  this is falling apart.


one of the real geniuses of comedy.