gay ol' me

damn, i'm getting all over the berrics on here.  i feel like one of those little kids wearing the big t-shirts with GRAPE ICE CREAM spray-painted on them (there where three kids like that at the brooklyn banks, skating together). 

but anyway...

i rescind what i predicted about cory kennedy.  still don't really know who he is, other than his berrics coverage, but he has his shit down pretty good.

in other, real-world news, we've been going to the park for the last few mornings, and today i brought the camera and will and fogt each invented a trick.  fogt did a blunt body varial to noseblunt, hop in (???), and will did a sproing to disaster (???????)  oh, i did a double-footed back tail and a dump truck, but those weren't anything new to the skateboarding world.  it's strange how proper both of their tricks looked.  plus, today we skated with charlie page!  if you're from stuart, that will be very surprising.  here's the story--he shows up, without a board, and i let him use my zip-zinger.  he says he just got a tattoo, which he then shows us, a big gothic-lettered latin phrase on his gut.  cool.  to which i say, i just got tattoos too, and show the pokemon temporary tats i stuck on last night.  righteous.

alexis sablone

remember her?  she was the ripper from the coliseum video.  well, apparently, she's back.  look at the kickflip front 50-50--not bad.