16 blocks

teak got a trick!  teak got a trick!  teak got a trick!

this is from corn's old video.  check the awesome song choice.  {{edit: sarcasm!}}  in the youtube comments someone says, "i know this dude jeremy that named his dog after this guy."  that's pretty rad, right there.

don't carrics

just kidding.  i do watch the battle of the berrics--they've got some legends in there this time.  so today, i want to tell you why cairo foster is better than josiah whoozuwhatzits, using this game of skate.  this will be one of the most comprehensive posts in the recent past.

reason 1. 360 flips.  cairo's got them clean and proper and stomped, and that stupid kid does them with the fakeness i was talking about a few weeks ago.  lame, obviously calculated back foot flare-out.  see below for further evidence.

the good:
the bad (and the ugly):
reason 2. front shoves.  the same thing as above.  josiah's wack flare-out.

reason 3. who the shit voted this kid into the game?  is he some sort of little-kid role model?  i want to see  gonz.

reason 4. 'the reason.'  (youtube took down the song, so i won't post the link.  we need to kill warner media.)