today, after a guy kicked us out of a spot, a dude across the street was telling us how he was glad we were out there, 'progressing our talents.'  he told us it was good to develop every talent we had, so we'd be better off in the afterlife.  then he said it--the quote of the week.

"smile, my friend--you are immortal."


i'll be home saturday.  see you then.  hopefully it's dry enough tomorrow for us to skate.  til then--meow.


please ignore this post!

rain, rain

today we skated around for 3 or 4 miles through brooklyn, through the hasidic jew section, where all the men wear top hats and all the women--ALL of them--push baby strollers in front of them.  we found a couple cool spots and got a couple clips before it started raining too hard to skate.  hopefully we can get some more later tonight.  huzzah.

live from vegas

good stuff.  i'm down for the ipath dudes.