skateboarding is fun

after being rained out yesterday, teak and i skated downtown tonight.  we hit up a bunch of spots, had a lot of fun, until teak, when trying to manual in a tight space between a wall and a railing, banged his knees across the railing bars.  you know when you were a kid and you'd rap a stick along a picket fence?  like that.  and, as if angering the gods with his insolence, the skies opened up once again, ending the night with more rain.

rant #136

here's my daily rant.

one thing i am fucking sick of is fake film burns in skate videos.  (for those not-so-nerdy, it's when, during transitions, or just thrown in for good measure, the image washes with red, like film is burning.  you know what i mean.  see:  ...)
and (i know it's snowboarding)
almost every single new video i see uses it.  and it's fucking retarded.  why?

1.  for the most part, these are skate VIDEOS, not films.  digital video does not burn in the gate.  (the equivalent in video would be, say, a glitch-looking thing.)  and for the most part, i see these film burns in the newer HD videos.  and HD does not burn.  it is digital.  not film.  see: jason hernandez, of transworld video infamy.  he is a recent offender.

2.  it's WAY overused.  if it's only a few times, then okay--it can be subtle.  but i watched a video today where there were maybe 30 in one guy's part.  see:  this video.

3.  okay, i'll take it if it's used in a real film segment, like a super 8 section.  but even then, when you use for EVERY SINGLE transition between shots, you know it's just an effect.  it happens when light leaks into the camera, over-exposing the film, and if your camera leaked that much, the image would be way fucked.

4.  i blame ty evans for all of this.

skate videos are in a new era of copying one another.  almost every new flick has the same editing, the same techy tricks, the same style in skaters, the same song choice.  so let's try to do something different, shall we?  beginning with mr. james spence.  did i mention he's having last part?