endless summer

we skated for almost 5 hours today.  me and flatty started out skating downtown for a few hours, then met up with will and headed over to jensen to check out some new spots i'd found.  this is one of them.  me, quick ollie up to front nose.
and will, classic charging style.  hopefully i can make him come film with us more often.  his footage is always gold.

more j. j.

throwaway.  dude rips.

HOLY SHIT. RIP, number three.

how the hell did i not know about this?  so farrah died, and mj died on the 25th.  but how did i now hear that BILLY MAYS died on the 28th?  billy, fucking, mays.  he was fifty years old.

it's sad that his death was overshadowed by the deaths a few days prior--i never even heard about it.  in his own way, he was as much of as american icon as mj.  everyone knows who he is, just at the sound of his voice.

goodnight, sweet prince!