speaking of which!

came across this the other day.  jake johnson's old part from the chapman video, before he was on the workshop.  damn.  switch flip back tail a handrail?

independence day

happy 4th!  i hope none of you blew your hands off or got arrested.  i almost did both tonight.  close calls.

so vince, whose from now on will be referred to as "the turd," has been skating, if you don't know, in new york city with the likes of billy, eli reed, and jake johnson.  the asshole, right?  well, i'm meeting him up there on the 18th and am staying for a week, so hopefully we can bring back some quality footage.  or, it'll be like barcelona all over again and someone will steal my camera bag the first day....  time will tell.

tomorrow is a sunday.  tricks to come.  i'll leave you with this.  jake johnson, back tail.

ha haaaa

saw this today on the blogosphere.  if you know, you know.  funny stuff.  way to go, bachinsky....